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What Will Affect And Create Imbalance Among The 4 Bodies

Channelling with Angels

The four bodies can become imbalanced due to various reasons. An unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits and an unhealthy diet can cause imbalances amongst the four bodies. External environmental factors, such as accidents that cause harm or hurt, chemicals, radiation, nuclear fallout, etc., can also cause imbalances in our four bodies. A significant factor that causes imbalances in our four bodies is negative, lower vibrational and discordant energies, which are, in turn, caused by limiting, and sometimes destructive thought forms and emotional fears.

The Effects Of Negative, Lower Vibrational And Discordant Energies On Our Four Bodies

Spiritual Body. 

The soul is the spiritual essence of who we are. It is the part of us that transcends the mind and connected to spirit. Spirit transcends the mind and ego and is the seed of all life. When we are out of touch or lack the spiritual connection with our soul or higher self, which contains all the wisdom, guidance, and nourishment that we need on this planet earth, our life becomes more physical and materially focussed. We will end up neglect our life purpose and direction or even how to fulfill our dream on Earth.

This is when the Spiritual Body becomes blocked and imbalanced. As the spiritual body is connected with the soul and gives us intuition, conscience, and God’s divine guidance, we will have difficulties connecting with higher wisdom and awareness if the spiritual body is out of balance.

Mental Body.   

The mind can be used as either a tool of creation or a weapon of destruction. All of our sufferings arise in how we think and the negative thoughts, beliefs, mindsets, defense mechanisms, subconscious programming, and traumatic memories that we store in our mental body.

When we lack the care, relationship and discernment in working with our mental body, our thought-forms, beliefs, and mindset can be easily contaminated and programmed with limited and destructive programs by external or environmental factors, such as information, perceptions, and values fed by family, friends, media, school, community, government, country and the world at large.

As the energies created by our mind are powerful, they can be destructive to the inner and outer world if our mind is being unselectively fed by unproductive and junk information.

Our mental body is a super powerful tool, a supportive tool for us to perpetuate the new energy we are integrating into our emotional body. That influences our lower astral body which takes us out of the collective consciousness and moves us into that complete state of higher experience, of higher expression, integration of the understanding and teachings and principles of the higher worlds.

How we think to determine which level or group of collective consciousness we belong to. The same applies to Prosperity and Poverty Collective Consciousness.

Emotional Body.  

Our emotional body influences our conscious mind, and that becomes a mechanism of affirmation within our emotional body. We train our mind and continue to process what it is programmed with, based on how we feel about ourself. So the feelings affirm the thoughts; the thoughts affirm the feelings. The magnetic energy created by thoughts and feelings running around in cycle all the time, affirming the same energy then attracts its like to itself, and that is where the saying of “like attracts like” comes into being.

We magnetically create the system of energy to us based on what we believe we are worth, what we believe we are, what we believe we deserve or don’t deserve. Again our belief systems are influencing this. The intensity of those emotions and thoughts eventually get to a point where they take on form – physical form – and manifests as tumors, cysts, cancer, ulcers. 

The body begins to deteriorate because, besides fungus, not much else can grow in the dark.

It is thus essential to be able to identify, recognize, and break the cycles of dark feelings in our emotional body. Uncleared and unreleased long-suppressed and stagnant negative and discordant energies in our emotional body will not just affect the rest of the bodies. 

It will eventually affect the people that we love through our actions and words. It will also block all channels of the abundance of wealth and health.

Physical Body. 

The physical body is the vehicle of the soul, to express and live the experience of life in physical form. It has its own consciousness and has the intelligence to heal and restore itself to a state of balance. 

However, due to constant lack of love and care for our physical body and that we do not honor the physical aspect of our soul, our physical body could enter into a state of darkness and imbalance if the rest of the lower bodies (spiritual, mental and emotional) are holding discordant energies due to the negative ego, limiting mindset and fear from the personality. 

These dark elements combined will cause an imbalance in the major physical organs and body system, thus causing physical discomfort, pain, and illnesses. Dis-ease is a warning from the body elementals to let you know that the body is in a state of imbalance and that the organs could be lacking light and love.

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