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Reproductive System

All living things create more of their kind by breeding, called reproduction. The process of reproduction happens in the same basic way in the human body as it does in other animals, like cats, dogs, horses, mice, and whales. Sperm cells from a male are needed to fertilize the egg cells in a female, which then begins to grow into a new baby. The body parts that do this are called the reproductive system.

Every human body starts as a fertilized egg cell, By the process of cell division, that single cell becomes two,  four, eight, and so on, building the human body.

About 20 years later, by the time of adulthood, the body has 10 trillion cells of more than 200 different kinds. It is a fascinating story of amazing growth and development.  

The reproductive system allows us to experience sexual connection, nourishment, and creativity of life. It helps us to express love, experience pleasure, and give birth to new life and ideas.

The reproductive system helps us to maintain a loving relationship with our four bodies; it also helps us to express the creativity of our talents and skills.

To restore the balance of the reproductive system, we need to learn how to value our own skills and talents through nourishing our four bodies.

It’s also one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive yourself. Forgive everybody.

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