All of the answers you seek are within your Four Bodies.

Build Your Dream

Identifying what blockings, you within to achieve your desire dream and outcomes.

Your Relationship Compass

Know what energy playing around your relationship with family, loved one, and teammates.

Do You Feel Like There Is Something Blocking You To Fully Express Your Innate Talents & Gifts?

Have You Ever Thought That Why Loving Someone Isn’t Enough To Learned The Karmic Lessons?

Are You Trap In A Bottle-Neck, Suffocated And Weighed Down By Some Kind Of Invisible Force In Your Spiritual Journey?


  • Accessing to over thousands of elements printed in pendulum dowsing chart system, all which could be blocking the four-body system.
  • Alternative to: Shadow Work, Inner Reflection, Self Awareness, Mindfulness Work, Oracle Work, Self-Love, Self Mastery.
  • Identify what causes financial, well-being and relationship problems within your four bodies.
  • Learn what could be blocking your highest potential, skills and talents. What will prevent you from reaching your goals.

Seek Within.

The BodyMaitre system has been created to help you to bring an inner journey into the mysterious and dark regions of your four bodies.

Know Your Stuff.

BodyMaitre is the practice of exploring everything that is buried within your four bodies. – whether light or dark, positive or negative. Through the simple (but often confronting) process of the introspective answer, you are taking a vital step towards living a more harmonious, abundance, joyful, whole, and meaningful life.

Rekindling your Four Bodies.

We all have repressed diamonds or stone buried deep inside our four bodies. By rekindling your four bodies consciousness, this is where you can help yourself to shine, freely.

Case Study Example - Feng Shui Space Checking and Clearing

BodyMaitre Course Features

Skill Learning and Private Training
$ 639
  • Lifetime access to BodyMaitre Elements Interactive Course
  • Over 1000 of Four Bodies Elements printed in Pendulum Dowsing Charts
  • Future Updates and Download of BodyMaitre Charts and Materials
  • Channelling through Dowsing Attunements
  • 2 x 45mins One to One Zoom Video Call Training
  • Individual Blocks and Interferences Checking and Clearing
  • BodyMaitre Four-Body Shields Setup and Protection
  • Soul Signature Love imprints Reading (Know what your soul good at.)
  • Learn how to Identify root causes of the challenges and issues.
  • Learn how to discharge discordant energy and enhance the positive one.
  • Access to 15 Life Lesson Protocols, Case Studies, and Personalized Worksheet.
  • Limited Time Only – Access to Future Latest Updates of New Life Lesson Protocols (Offer Valid Until 15/07/2020)
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