Karma, Reincarnation and Matrix on Earth

Do you believe you are stuck in the reincarnation cycle and the souls choose to keep coming back is because they believe they still need to resolve something, such as karma?

Do you believe you will offer a chance to redeem your sins with another incarnation, or else suffer the eternal fire of hell?

Do you believe you need to pass all the earth lessons in order to ascend on earthly level?

Traditionally, Karma is a concept that originates from Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It refers to the idea that every action has consequences, and these consequences can either be positive or negative. The term “karma” is derived from the Sanskrit word for “action.”

According to the concept of karma, every action that a person takes in their lifetime will have an impact on their future. Positive actions will bring positive consequences, while negative actions will bring negative consequences. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including the person’s health, wealth, relationships, and overall happiness.

Karma is often seen as a way to explain the inequalities and injustices in the world. Those who are suffering may be experiencing the negative consequences of past actions, while those who are successful and happy may be experiencing the positive consequences of their past actions.

In some traditions, karma is also seen as a way to break the cycle of reincarnation. By performing good actions and accumulating positive karma, a person can improve their chances of being reborn into a higher realm or even achieving liberation from the cycle of birth and death altogether.

Many people believe that Reincarnation is the concept that after a person dies, their soul or consciousness is reborn into a new body. It is a belief that is found in many religions, spiritual and new age traditions.

The idea of reincarnation suggests that the soul or consciousness is eternal and that it continues to exist after death. After a person dies, their soul is believed to be reborn into a new body, either human or animal, based on their karma or actions in their previous life.

Reincarnation is often seen as a way for the soul to continue its spiritual journey and to learn and grow from past experiences. It is believed that the soul can continue to reincarnate into different bodies until it reaches a state of enlightenment or liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Personally, from my own personal perspective. I believe Karma is part of the Matrix “game”, be it 3D Matrix, 4D Matrix or 5D Matrix. It’s like Virtual or “Monopoly” or Video Game Money. This money only valid while you are playing in the game. If you stop playing the game, the money is not valid for that level or dimension of matrix.

So Karma is, for my own view is part of the limitations agreement or contract of the Matrix. But it’s only valid within the Matrix. Like Video Game Money,  it’s only you and you alone who are administrating what goes on within yourself. It only has any value as long as you are playing the game. And it has no value outside of the game.

After you have passed on, deciding, as a soul, that you must reincarnate because you owe karma to someone, or something. Just like playing a Monopoly game, then stopping the game when it ends and as the game ended and you still thought of owed a payment to other player. Thus, you want to keep on playing the Monopoly game until is paid off, but it will never be, and you stuck in the loop of keep on playing the Monopoly game indefinitely.

Or, you play a video game Residential Evil which have many levels. You failed on one of the level and you believe you need to replay that level until you successfully “passed” that level. But you always have the free will and choice to stop playing this game and move on to next game or choose not playing any game at all.

So the reason the souls choose to keep coming back is because they believe they still need to resolve something.

Because we believe that we didn’t do something right and we want to go back to try to do it right the next time around. This is tied to Karma and having to pay it.

We have to transcend that belief system to move on.

We must just get to the point of understanding that we must forgive ourself and forgive others.

We must all do our best in this lifetime and not hold on to any grudges of things we must do or try again.

And we cannot do it for anyone else by believing on taking on other people karma.

Each person must do this work on their own from the inside of the 3D or 5D Matrix. Otherwise, you will go back. Because what you are believing pull you back to the matrix.

You are the only one who can impose karma to yourself, or anything else upon yourself. No one punishes and no one is judging you, only you. But there is no harder judge than your own self.

Each soul will take all the karma concepts necessary to cause its own reincarnation.

Because the people are the Matrix. So there is more Matrix on the other side of death because the people take it there with their consciousness when they die.

People who die and they want to force themselves to go back into the reincarnation trap to pay back because they believe that’s the way of karma. It’s the law of free will and law of attraction if they choose to believe in it.

We, as human; while living, can decide enough is enough and decide to dissolve our own Karma.

In order to really genuinely for ourselves to be able to dissolve Karma, we must do enough inner work, or shadow work to transcend duality for ourselves. And that must be done from this side, the incarnated side.

Or else when you die and you still carry left over etheric/energetic “stuffs” like blocks, interferences, belief, contracts, negativity, and programming’s elements within your lower four bodies to other world. These “stuffs” may be easily convinced you to return to the reincarnation matrix.

When you die you are still you. Your ideas values are still you.

There is also Matrix on the other side, and I mean what we call 3D/4D/5D Matrix. So you are only “one level up” but your Karma “money” is still valid there in the “afterlife”. But it’s still only valid because even dead you are still playing the game. So you must have full “FOUR-BODY” intent before you die, to say I’m no longer playing your game, either you want to go back to Source or you want to play another game incarnating in another planet. But you are clear in your mind about what you want.

In other word, do not leave unnecessary stuffs behind to your “vehicle of the soul” after you die. Which is your Four-Body System.

And you impose yourself upon whoever you may find as a gate keeper on the other side who may want to force you to go back. You must state that you are Source, you do not accept Karma as you will never ever be able to pay it. You are free because you are Source and you have Free will, and you will be free.

As you are coming into the afterlife from an incarnated state you are full of matrixed ideas and values that are still or could still limit you. Only ideas limit you when you die you still carry your ideas. It´s who you are as an “ego” before freeing itself and becoming a self. Free yourself from the incarnated side, and you will always be free, and the nature of the game is to find your way home in-spite of the limitations.

People go to the exact location that is a match to their frequency. That is to their level of consciousness. What they believe in they will see when they die. So, the Matrix itself and a mirroring effect, will automatically fill in their expectations as they die. They will manifest their own reality.

We always have the choice to say enough of that matrix and incarnation game. We always have the option to go home. Or at least incarnate as something else in another planet, no longer the same over and over in the same old matrix on earthly level. A 100% perfect life cannot be done ever, it’s a combination of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual matrix traps, you cannot ever get everything right! Break the cycle by Let things go, forgive yourself and others in all levels. Don’t be fooled by ancient and new age belief system and programming matrix.

If you are BodyMaitre practitioners, you may consult your Collective Angelic Team with this sample question:

Are there any form of energy, pattern, belief, desire, programming, contracts, vows, curses and/or agreements causing me trap in the reincarnation trap or loop on earth (3D/4D/5D etc)?

If Yes, research and identify what elements, programming, patterns, blocks and interferences in your four-body system with your BodyMaitre Four Bodies Charts.

(Remember, your four bodies are the vehicle for your soul which carry all the memory and experiences during the reincarnation process.)

Physical Body: (Identity what energy attached to which organs)
Emotional Body: (Could be negative emotion and/or blocks to expression of certain type of feeling)
Mental Body: (type of subconscious negative and limiting programming)
Spiritual Body: (type of soul interferences and programming)

Once you have identified all the blocks and interferences within your four bodies, remember flip and transform to opposite / positive / constructive elements in your very own BodyMaitre Angelic Hologram so that it can realign as positive and divine states.

For those would like to understand more about reaerch on past lives memories, stories and lesson behind, use Soul Memories.

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