Working with Ego

How to Work with ego while Channelling through Dowsing?

Have you heard of some spiritual teachers teach the ego needs to be “destroyed or killed” before channeling through dowsing?

Or someone told you, you must suppress or minimize your ego else you wouldn’t be able to receive accurate answer through dowsing?

Sure enough, you follow the “Kill the Ego” practice and your pendulum always swing to “NO” when you trying to ask questions related to your relationship and money problems.

End up, you thought that you have no more blocks and programming to clear with your pendulum charts.

And you are asking yourself, “but why am I still facing so much life challenges in life?”

Why did my high self / collective angelic teacher tell me I have nothing to work on or nothing to clear?

Killing your ego means kills your connection with your source.

Just like you are switching off the electricity power of your Wi-Fi modem and router while you are trying to connect with your Wi-Fi network.

So, what is ego?

The ego is basically our sense of self or our identity.

When a soul incarnates on earth and having human experiences. We need the Vehicle for the soul to embark life journey, and we called the vehicle as Four-body system.

The Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, and Spiritual Body.

The Vehicle for the Soul, indeed have many features and functions.

One of the primary functions is creating unique and protecting Identity for each of the soul on Earth.

We called it as Personality Body.

When you buy a new car, you need a license number plate to identify each car identity.

The ego body serve to protecting our four bodies. Like an eggshell that protects a chick, the ego keeps us contained and protected.

We need the ego body while our soul is still growing, evolving, and maturing through the life process.

In other word, the ego creates separation from others.

In essence, duality is the very substance of the ego.

As a product of living in duality, we create tremendous amounts of suffering for ourselves because we’re no longer open to the Wholeness or Oneness of life.

Ego act like a broadcaster of what’s “in-stocks’ within our four body’s system.

The ego is a matter of build-in function of the vehicle for the soul. It is a biological, psychological, emotional, and social survival mechanism. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to function in this world.

When you are having problems in your life, this is your ego trying to tell you, you have something to work on. So, do not judge it and suppress it.

Before picking up your pendulum and your SRT / BodyMaitre Charts.

Work with your Ego Body first.
(As though you are Power up your Wi-Fi Router and Planning what to do with the internet)

Be an observant of what is your ego trying to tell you.

Just like you are being a good listener to your best friends, don’t over-reacted when your friends telling their own problems. 

For example, you knew you were having a relationship problem with your loved one.

And your ego still haunting you, you are still not entirely forgiving up and moving on with him/her of the harms has caused to you.

Don’t suppress the ego, or indulge in the drama. Be an observant and a good listener to your ego body.

Which experiences still haunting you time to time? Is it because of the thoughts of being betrayed and cheated repeating in your mind?

Or feeling grief and anger from the emotion?

Maybe the irritating itchiness of your physical skin?

By observing, agreeing, and admitting what are your ego trying to tell you. You aware that’s there’s something need to release within your four bodies.

Now, be sincere and tell your ego you will face it.

When you are truly ready, then you pick up your SRT / BodyMaitre charts to start the research and clearing process.

And your ego will serve as spiritual fuel to help you connect with the source to work with your research and clearing process.

Untangling yourself from the web of ego illusion is an inner shadow work process that requires observation, honesty, patience, self-discipline, and dedication. This process isn’t for trendy “spirit junkies” – it is for sincere spiritual seekers.

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