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How to Revoke Negative Vows, Curses, Agreements to self and others that you have committed in this Lifetime and past lives?

The Collins dictionary defines “vow” as “If you vow to do something, you make a serious promise or decision that you will do it.”

For example, I swear to God and myself that:

  • I will not forgive him or her again.
  • I will not trust anyone in my life.
  • I will not express my feeling again.
  • I will not believe in marriage and relationship again.
  • I will not ask anyone for help again.
  • I will not allow myself to feel pain again.
  • I will not allow anyone touch me again.
  • I will get wealthy and rich no matter how much being sacrificed in my life.
  • I will make sure you go to hell.

When we are making negative vows, curses, and agreements. Our four bodies charging, vibrating, and aligning into same lower level of frequencies, toward certain direction that we have made.

  1. The mental body thinking about the vow.
  2. The emotional body feeling the vow.
  3. The physical body acting upon the vow.
  4. The soul body imprinted to the vow.

When our four bodies vibrating at the same level, the negative vows, curses, and agreements manifested into reality.

One of the main law in our planet earth is law of attraction, which makes our internal world a vibrational match to what is happening in our external world. Our state of mind, the physical words we use, our mental intentions and emotional feelings, all hold power, all hold a vibration that we are constantly giving and taking. 

We are always a vibrational match to what is happening to us. 

The law of vibration is the first law that must happen before the law of attraction; in creating that vibration within ourselves, we invoke the law of vibration with our four bodies deliberately, and only then can the law of attraction happen.”

The law of vibration is about matching the specific frequency of what we’re looking for, and the law of attraction takes this idea a bit further by allowing us to create the frequency within our four bodies.

Which mean, our four bodies must have vibrating at the same frequency in order to manifest the result that we are desire.

When people making vow to specific things and results with their own heart, body, mind, and soul. That is how they attract and manifest themselves.

Unfortunately, most people tend to manifest the negative one, through negative vows and curses.

If you are BodyMaitre practitioners, you may consult your Collective Angelic Team with this sample question:

Are there any vows, curses and agreements limiting my four bodies potentials to ___________?


  • Love myself
  • Love others
  • Communicate with angels, guides, and high self clearly
  • Financial freedom (set your desire amount monthly / yearly)

If Yes, research and identify what elements, programming, patterns, blocks and interferences in your four-body system with your BodyMaitre Four Bodies Charts.

Physical Body: (Identity what energy attached to which organs)
Emotional Body: (Could be negative emotion and/or blocks to expression of certain type of feeling)
Mental Body: (type of subconscious negative and limiting programming)
Spiritual Body: (type of soul programming)

Once you have identified all the blocks and interferences within your four bodies, remember flip and transform to opposite / positive / constructive elements in your very own BodyMaitre Angelic Hologram so that it can realign as positive and divine vows.

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