Spiritual Response Therapy

What is the difference between Spiritual Response Therapy and BodyMaitre?

Many of my students and clients asking me what is the different between SRT and BodyMaitre. What do they do and how these healing modalities work?

So I am here to give you a brief introduction of these two systems.

Spiritual Response Therapy

SRT is spiritual channelling modalities through pendulum dowsing and founded by Robert Detlzer. The modalities come with Basic and Advance Level.

Basic Level: In the basic level, you will learn about how to use a set of pendulum charts and pendulum, to work with your high self committee for guidance and healing. You will also learn about 13 types of basic soul programming and how to identify energies in these programming.

Advance Level: This is mainly focusing on identifying higher level blocks and interferences between in soul level.


BodyMaitre is mainly focusing on your lower light four-body system on earth level. (mind, body, heart and soul bodies). Similar to SRT, to Identify imbalances, blocks, interferences, limiting programming, negative elements and programming within your vehicle for your soul. You will Learn how to dowse, identify through channelling with your high self and angels. You will also setup your own, Command Deck and Angelic Hologram, which allowing you to clear, remove and neutralize any blocks and interferences that you have found from the BodyMaitre pendulum charts. Currently, there are listed more than thousands over patterns and programming in the BodyMaitre Charts system. The main purpose is helping practitioner and healer to mapping the associated patterns and missing links between the four body’s system.

Both systems do share the same purpose, to help us to investigative the root causes of the challenges that we are facing in our life. And learning how to recreate positive outcome through guidance with angels and high-self.

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