Can you dowse away life problems without knowing what is causing the problems?

If you are Spiritual Response Therapy, BodyMaitre or any experience holistic practitioner who uses pendulum and pendulum charts for channelling and healing, you might come across this thought in your mind.

Can I simply pendulum dowse and pray to the high self, angels, and divine sources to clear, remove, and resolve life problems away? Does it really work? 

Can I clear it without researching further?

Your pendulum swing to a yes answer.

And you immediately say: Please clear it for the highest good.

The pendulum swings in a circular motion until it felt like it has finished its job.

You close your eyes, take a deep breath, and wait for the divine light to shine upon you.

And yes, you feel lighter and you felt better about yourself.  You feel the joy in your heart and you are happy that the problems are gone away. You are happy that you have found the method or solution to solve your problems without going through all those messes.  

So, is this true? Can we just pendulum dowse our life problems and pray to the high self, angels, or divine source to clear, remove, or resolve our life problems away? Do they work?  

And if it is so, how do we know whether what we pray for is happening? How do we know our problem will be truly removed or can be removed by pendulum dowsing? 

I have been using the pendulum for therapy like SRT since 19 years ago. I used it a lot in my healing sessions with clients as well as myself. Channelling through Pendulum and charts has been my tool of choice for channelling healing energies from high self, angels and divine sources when I needed help from them during my times of distress. The results were great but sometimes I wonder whether what I received from my pendulum readings was truly coming from high self, angels or divine sources or simply coming from my ego / subconscious mind because at some point I thought pendulum works like divination tool like tarot cards the clearing has done.

Have you experienced this, just like me?

You double-check again and make sure it is done and completed.

The things are problems still there.

So you keep asking why the problem still persists and come back again?

Yes, the energies, blocks and interferences might be cleared away. Your high self didn’t lie to you.

The problem is, what about the root causes of the problems such as subconscious programming, underlying emotions and those elements that are yet to discover within our four bodies that still causing the problems?

For example, if you got an anger issue; you asked spirits to release and clear away the anger and discordant energies in your energy field. The spirit will do exactly as you wish to release the anger vibration.

The next day, your loved one triggered your feeling upside down and left-right centre. Causing you, to burst into fierce anger.

And you may start contemplating. Isn’t it I have already cleared away my anger issues and why is it coming back again?

Every “effect” always has the “causes”.

Is your anger issues driven by underlying causes?

For example,

The anger effect could be caused by you feel the situation is out of your power and control program in the mental body?

Because of jealousy and injustice feeling in the emotional body?

Or “resistance to valuing your services/offering” in the nervous system of the physical?

Do other soul fragments live in your spiritual body?

Or… all could cause it the above.

Without researching all the underlying causes of the “effect and energies”, within our four-body system, the problem can be easily recreated by the causes again, and again.

Holistic healing means we can see the problems from a bigger perspective.

If we are just focusing on the spiritual aspect, such as past life research, light body activation, etc and neglect the rest of our lower bodies, it may not be a complete healing work. Eventually, the problems may just surface again. That is why it is very important to investigate and access all our bodies’ consciousnesses, to heal an issue.

Remember, our lower four bodies are the vehicles for our soul. Without four bodies, we can’t experience human life on mother earth.

Imagine, you are a soul travelling to planet earth; you need a vehicle to travel on earth to experience what is human life on earth.

And mother earth and God granted you a vehicle so that you can carry your duty on earth.

Year after year, life after life. Many of us neglected how much burden we have carried with our vehicles, without ongoing and full-spectrum service and maintenance to our four bodies vehicle. It could be broken down anytime without realizing how much burden we have carried.

It is not about which level of ascension we have achieved in this lifetime; it is about how much we can unload the burden within the soul of the vehicle.

If we want to liberate from the reincarnation cycle of mother earth school. The minimum and pre-requisite requirement is unloading all the burdens that we have accumulated in all our lives times on earth. 

Very quietly I take my leave
As quietly as I came here;
Gently I flick my sleeves
Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away.

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