Is Spiritual Bypassing part of our Life Lesson?

The concept of ascension and esoteric knowledge has always fascinated me since childhood. I used to read new age books on ascension and esoteric material on how to activate my chakras and light bodies.

I have participated in numerous spiritual and healing workshops, courses, and coaching programmes. It’s my hope that I will be able to solve all my life problems, reunite with my soul, and feel whole and complete once again.

I once felt like I was ‘uniquely superior’ and ‘better’ than most people. As if I were ‘stronger’ and ‘more capable’ than most of my spiritual/new age acquaintances. I believed that I had ‘cleared’ all my karma, lessons, past life programming, and had finally been freed.

I am protected and guided by my higher self, angels, and spirit guides. All the wicked deeds of my ancestors are gone. I am now cleansed from all of my soul akashic records. Although I believe this will be my final time here on earth, I do.


But amidst all this searching and practices, I somehow felt amiss. Something seemed intuitively off-centre and missing.

I am still here on earth. No different compared to other people here.

Life carries on, various types of new and existing life problems are still there.

What’s the hell going on?

Why am I still having “that problems” in my life?

Why are people still betraying and cheating on me?

Why am I still in that quick and bad temper?

Shouldn’t I have already cleared all my past lives, parallel life, other universal live program?

I’ve finally discovered why I’ve always questioned this way about so many spiritual practices in the past few years. 

All of these practices had felt so “off” to me because many of them, instead of being authentically spiritual, were actually forms of spiritual bypassing.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean what I have been practicing in the past doesn’t work at all.
It indeed does help me to resolve many challenges and life problems in different learning stage of my life.

The more i clear for myself, the more question floating out in my mind.

Is the solution working on the root causes of the problem?

Am I avoiding personal responsibility by putting faith in a higher being to solve all of my problems and issues?

Am I praying too much without real personal action?

Am I relying 100% on my spirit guide/s to give me insights and protection?

Am I fear of taking self-responsibility for my own decisions, and resistance to flowing with life by trying to predict “what’s going to happen?

Am I believing I have extrasensory gifts of some kind, but due to the unique gifts, I cannot be in a happy relationship with “unspiritual lover”, have more friends around me or a healthy body?

Am i feeling more enlightened, superior, or somehow “more advanced soul” in my spiritual development than other?

All these questions lead to another important question.

Is my life getting better?

Am I using spirituality as a drug on which we become dependent to bypass the darker elements of my life?

We can ask our high self, spirit guides and angels for insights, protection, guidance, clearing and healing for our vehicle of the soul.

But it is not their responsibilities to run our life here on earth for us.

Then might as well they incarnate themselves here on earth, right?

It is our own job, purpose, and responsibility to know ourselves (four bodies), to be self-aware, in order to navigate through life here on earth.

It is not easy to face our dark side within; our ego may resist us from feeling pain and hurt again. Many people use external spiritual Band-Aids rather than addressing their internal issues.

We may ask spirits to clear the discordant energy, but the root causes of the discordant energies and patterns are still living within.

However, if we want to shine our true light and love from within, we must willingly to dig deeper inside, to recognize what blocks the light and love, and bravely to dissolve and release it unconditionally.

Like it or not, the inner stuff needs to be dealt with eventually (if not, most likely accumulated and carry forward to next lifetime.)

Spiritual bypassing is the body’s defense mechanism. It is about using spiritual ideas to run away from unresolved inner problem and issues.

Some Spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved physical health dis-eases, emotional issues, psychological wounds, and soul disconnection.

Spiritual bypassing is just the way we use our spiritual practice to avoid listening to our own four bodies and resistance to face inner issues.

If we know how to use our spiritual tools and wisdom in the right way, then it is a good thing.

However, if we keep using them as an external Band-Aid to cover up or sidestep our pain and unresolved issues within our four bodies, then it will be a real problem.

 Spiritual Bypassing is one of the key spiritual lesson here on earth for us to learn.

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