Aura Clearing

Case Study – Tears, Leakages, Congestions, and Holes in My Aura?

Aura is an electromagnetic field around every living matter.

Aura is a Bio-electric magnetic field radiating from every human being, plants, animals, minerals and all matter. Aura, is also reflecting the current health conditions of the four-body system. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

We can influence the external environment, nature, animals, and the people around us with the energy frequencies that we emit from our four bodies.

How much light and love we can emit to the world, depends on how much fear-based elements storing in our four bodies.

In this case study, we are helping a subject to identify what are the underlying causes of the tears, leakages, congestion and holes in aura and energy fields.

Spiritual Body – Cancel Energy Imprints from the Past Experiences.
Mental Body – Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviour.
Emotional Body – Feeling being Cheated.
Physical Body – Digestive System holding the energy of “Resistance to New Experiences”.

With the initial findings, the report indicated the subject was being cheated in the past, causing the subject having difficulties to let go and forgive the experiences, and the energy still trapped in four bodies, thus, inability to let go and embrace new and positive experiences.

This consciousness has constantly causing his/her aura tears whenever he/she dwelling into the past memories.

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