Crown Chakra

Case Study – Blocks to Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra, is the seat of cosmic consciousness. It connects us to divine awareness.

When our crown chakra is open, we feel connected to our Higher Self. When we are crystal clear, can easily access our inner knowledge and wisdom, when we are balanced, feel connected to others, can see the bigger picture of life purpose and lessons, and feel a sense of serenity, wholeness and connected in life.

Crown chakra clearing and healing is the practice of restoring and harmonizing the crown chakra within our four bodies and energy fields. 

In this case study, we are helping a subject to identify, what are the underlying causes of energies blocking the crown chakra.

  • Spiritual Body – Mental Diseases
  • Mental Body – Stubborn, Blocks to other’s Suggestion
  • Emotional Body – Uncomfortable
  • Physical Body – Respiratory System > Being Threaten.

From the four-body system and energy fields reading, the person was being threatened in the past. That related unresolved experiences lodged mental diseases in the consciousness, causing discomfort to listen to other people advice and suggestion due to trust issue and traumatic experiences.

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