The Four Bodies Investigative & Dowsing System
Identifying and Clearing Blocks, Interferences, imbalances and Limiting Programs within Our Four-Body System.
Let Your Four Bodies Speaks to You.
If your pendulum pointed to any four bodies elements... are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we are holding back. They are like messengers that tell us, with terrifying clarity, exactly where we are stuck.
Let's Your Light Bodies Shine.
Rekindling Your Four Bodies with Angels & Highest-Self.
Your Four Bodies is Your Teacher.
They Knew Everything, Ask and You Shall Receive.
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All of the love, light, and answers you seek are within your Four Bodies. Seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

Remove Fabricated Illusions

Identifying what blockings, you within to achieve your desire dream. As you start to walk on the way without burden, the way appears.

Your Guides on Mother Earth

It’s your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. Let divine angels and your highest-self be your personal coaches here on earth.

Do You Feel Like There Is Something Blocking You To Fully Express Your Love Quotient, Light Consciousness, Innate Talents and Gifts?

Have You Ever Thought That Why Loving and Helping Someone Isn’t Enough To Learn and Balance The Karmic Lessons?

Are You Trap In A Bottle-Neck, Suffocated And Weighed Down By Some Kind Of Unkown Barriers In Your Journey on Earth School?


#1 Seek Within.

The BodyMaitre system has been created specifically for those who Seek continuous life-long improvement and renewal for their journey. An essential energetic diagnostic and transformation tool to help you gain awareness and realize what may be blocking you along your life path. Imagine you are driving a car and planning for a long road trip. See this as your Vehicle Diagnostic and Intelligent Assistance System, which help you to diagnose your entire car performance status, and evaluate the best route for your journey.

#2 Know Your Stuff.

BodyMaitre is the practice of exploring everything that is buried within your four bodies. – whether light or dark, positive or negative. Through the simple (but often confronting) process of the introspective answer, you are taking a vital step towards living a more harmonious, abundance, joyful, whole, and meaningful life.

#3 Rekindling your Four Bodies.

We all have repressed diamonds or stone buried deep inside our four bodies. By rekindling your four bodies quotients and consciousness through BodyMaitre "Command Deck" Process, this is where you can help yourself to shine, freely.

The Shadow of Four Bodies
Do I have any fear, resistance, avoidance, or any elements blocking me to look inside my four bodies?
Psychic Attack & Protection – Weak Spots
Do I have any weak spots in my four bodies that make it easy for others to zap, attack or intrude upon?
Psychic Self-Attack
Do I Have Any Elements in my Four Bodies causing Psychic Self-Attack?
My Mother and I
Am I holding any negative elements in my four bodies towards my mother or mother figure?
My Father and I
Am I holding any negative elements in my four bodies towards my father or father figure?
My Lover and I
Am I Holding Any Negative Elements In My Four Bodies Towards My Lover?
My Ex and I
Am I holding any negative elements in my four bodies towards my Ex _________?
Animal and Pet Clearings
Is my Pet ____________, holding any negative elements?
Feng Shui and Space Clearing
Is my home / office space ____________, accumulated any elements required Purifying and clearing?
Money & Blocks
Do I have any elements in my four bodies limiting, suppressing, inhibiting or blocking the flow of receiving and giving physical or virtual money from the collective pool of abundance consciousness?
Energetic Labelling
What elements I have labelling ____________ energetically?
Talents & Blocks
Do I have any elements in my four bodies, affecting my self worth to recognize my innate gifts and talents?
Skills & Blocks
Do I have any elements in my four bodies, affecting my self worth to recognize my skills?
Intuition, Protection and Energy Projection
Have you ever had the experience of knowing a situation just doesn't feel right?
Trigger Points and Energy Looping
Are you trapping in a vicious cycle of karmic looping?
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Case Study Example - Feng Shui Space Checking and Clearing

BodyMaitre Course Features

Become Certified BodyMaitre Practitioner
  • Lifetime access to BodyMaitre Elements Interactive Online Course
  • Over 1000 of Four Bodies Elements printed in Pendulum Dowsing Charts
  • All Future Updates and Download of BodyMaitre Charts and Materials
  • Channelling through Dowsing Attunements
  • Guided Meditation & Attunements
  • BodyMaitre Four-Body Shields Setup and Protection
  • Learn how to Identify root causes of the challenges and issues.
  • Learn how to discharge discordant energy and enhance the positive one.
  • Access to 15 Life Lesson Protocols, Case Studies, and Personalized Worksheet.
  • Access to Future and Updates of New Lesson Protocols
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - Not solving your problems? Simply Initiate a Full Refund Request within 14 Days.
  • Divided into seven modules, the course includes 171 topics and lessons that cover everything from dowsing and channelling, to energy diagnostic and four-body system transformation.

Enrollment Bonus & Offer

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Enroll Now and SAVE $60
$ 579
  • SAVE $60 - USE CODE "USD60OFF" upon Checkout ($639 to $579).
  • Limited Time Bonus - BodyMaitre Advanced Practitioner Course worth $498 - Learn How-To Offer 50-POINTS , Total of 57 Pages of BodyMaitre Intuitive Reading, Clearing and Healing report to your Clients Professionally.
  • 2 X One to One Private Zoom Video Calls Course Training
Vows Curses

How to Revoke Negative Vows, Curses, Agreements to self and others that you have committed in this Lifetime and past lives?

The Collins dictionary defines “vow” as “If you vow to do something, you make a serious promise or decision that you will do it.” For example, I swear to God and myself that: I will not forgive him or her again. I will not trust anyone in my life. I will not express my feeling again. I will not believe in marriage and relationship again.


How to overcome OCD obsessive and compulsive disorders and behaviors through past life research?

Are you forcing yourself to walk up and down staircases repetitively until feeling extremely exhausted? Are you uncontrollably opening and closing door until you felt satisfied? If you are experiencing any of the above behaviors, you are probably being told you are diagnosed with medical terms called OCD obsessive and compulsive disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Past Lives Memories and Influences.

Insights on Researching and Healing Past Lives Memories and Influences.

Have you ever wondered why the same things, whether good or bad, keep on happening to you throughout your life without explanation? Have you ever been in a repetitive situation, behaviours, or patterns that you feel like to keep on repeating but can’t explain? When you make sense and realized of previous lives and how

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