Past Lives Memories and Influences.

Insights on Researching and Healing Past Lives Memories and Influences.

Have you ever wondered why the same things, whether good or bad, keep on happening to you throughout your life without explanation?

Have you ever been in a repetitive situation, behaviours, or patterns that you feel like to keep on repeating but can’t explain?

When you make sense and realized of previous lives and how they work, and when you dive deep into the details, you may realize that you have lessons to learn that were still active from your previous life. You may also realize that there are things that happened in your previous lives that influence you strongly in your current life challenges.

These past life’s lessons could be dormant until we experience something and trigger through life experiences.

Influences from your past lives can be from simple things like your lifestyle choices, sexual preference, what you like or dislike, and any form of habit psychological patterns. All of these things can directly link to how you lived in previous lives. All these direct links could be related to your previous stored information from your past vehicles of your soul.

What we didn’t accomplish in the past, we then return to complete. How we lived  in the past affects your future, as well as the quality and nature of your future lives.

Any form of hurts or harms programming that we inflicted to our own self (four bodies), or by others, can be still carry with your soul and download to this body blueprints and through reincarnation process.

All your past lives “software data” (good or bad soul memories) are re-downloaded and stored in your “current” soul vehicle “hardware” – Your Four-Body System.

Which mean, you can simply “tune in” to your own four bodies for information and further investigation.

When we are talking about mind, body, heart, and spirit. It refers to our four bodies.

It is about look within, not seeking out. Same apply to Past live Research and Healing. It is not about how high up the spiritual and heaven realms we have reach or activated, it is all about how deep and willing to venture into.

Whether any form of spiritual healing or past lives research therapy, we are shining the light of awareness onto our own inner landscape.

If you can work towards completing life lessons you believe may be present, you can recreate your purpose for lifetimes to come.

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