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Lymphatic & Immune System

Lymphatic & Immune System

The immune system involves the lymph and blood systems and also many other body parts.

The immune system protects us against viruses, disease, and other harmful imbalances, while the lymphatic system helps to cleanse our bodies and destroys bacteria.

When people are ill, their glands often swell, especially in the neck, armpits, and groin. But these are not really glands. They are called lymph nodes, and they are part of the lymphatic system. This system is the body’s alternative circulation method. Like blood, lymph fluid flows around the body in tubes, called lymph vessels. Also, like blood, it carries nutrients to many parts and collects waste. It is closely linked to the immune system, which specializes in attacking germs and fighting disease.

The lymphatic and immune systems are teaching us about honoring for what we believe in. How to set healthy boundaries between the inner and outer world. How to love our four-body system unconditionally, how to create a life that you love, and love of God.

It’s beginning to breakdown when we feel insecure about life, experience inner conflict and feel being attacked by life challenges. 


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