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BodyMaitre Dowsing System

BodyMaitre Elements is a “Multi-Dimensional Energy Scanning and Diagnostic System.” If you have specific challenges, you can work with the Celestial Angelic Teachers (CAT) quickly and easily, to scan through and identify your four-body system and obtain the current states of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body overall health status. 

These will range from life-line to genetic and soul levels.

We will be going through a series of learning to cover various deep-seated, multi-layered, and hidden “elements.”

These elements could be range from inner blocks, programmings, beliefs system, to discordant nature of vows, oaths, and agreements. In a nutshell, anything that may be stopping you from attracting and achieving your ideal relationships, career, life purpose, and your higher potential life-dreams on the Earth level.

The BodyMaitre system comes with a set of specially designed pendulum dowsing charts, with more than thousands of types of “Elements” listed and steps to call forth a thorough Celestial Angelic Teachers (CAT) involvement with the divine investigations. Thus, allowing the Creator to quickly assist you and point out the deep-seated and hidden blocks and interference in your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Body.

“BodyMaitre Elements empowers us by letting us know where we stand in our current state of growth. While we can try to live consciously each day, without knowing where we are at, we are just groping in the dark. Having this four-body diagnostic tools; lets us get to know on our current location. When we can identify our starting point, we can then create an action plan to improve.”

BodyMaitre Dowsing Charts

As you may already know, everyone should visit their doctor at least once a year for regular physical body health check-ups. This way, you can ensure that you are getting screened for many types of diseases.

Full medical check-ups are essential to help identify potential diseases and problems at an early stage. Chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure can be prevented and treated if they are discovered earlier.

Besides, health screenings are essential in maintaining your health and can be done when you go for a full medical check-up. The screenings will help evaluate your health, and they can diagnose potential problems.

The thing is current medical science mainly focusing on the physical body, what about emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies? We all know as a holistic practitioner, it is vitally important to look at the four-body system as a whole to nail down the root causes of the problem. 

Why Important to get regular maintenances for your Four Bodies?

If you were about to get on a plane and fly across the Pacific to Tokyo from San Francisco, you’d want to believe the aircraft had been receiving scheduled maintenance checks, wouldn’t you?

It’s the same with your four-body system – you know it needs regular maintenance.

If you’re self-aware enough, you are probably asking yourself:

  • What food good for your body.
  • Get how much sleep you need to function.
  • Find out why you are quickly emotionally reacted to people’s comments.
  • What mental blocks you to express your talents and skills.
  • Why are you suddenly losing a spiritual connection with your higher self and life direction?

Now and then and self reflect if something isn’t working right.

It’s just common sense.

Just like our car, our four-bodies system needs on-going clearing, repairing, healing, and fine-tuning too! No matter how spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically evolved, we are.

This course, in the form of skill learning format, will feature an exciting journey of hands-on personal reading, clearing, and transformation.

You will be going through step by step research process, to identify any elements maybe disempowering your four-bodies system.

On earth level, everyone is equal, everyone required to take up this fundamental task to take care of our bodies, so it can serve us well and lead us together to our own life and soul purpose on earth, it’s also part of our sacred contract before we choose to incarnate on earth. 

As our own responsibility to commit and love our four-bodies, if we choose to ignore and neglect our four-bodies, it will eventually break-down, and not able to perform as what’s meant to be.

Can I combine and use BodyMaitre Elements to work with other counseling, clearing, and healing modalities?


If you are a Holistic Practitioner, Energy Healer, or Intuitive consultant:

Yes, BodyMaitre works seamlessly with any divine healing system such as SRT, EFT, Family Constellation, Reiki, and many other healing modalities.

You can use this to identify the root causes of the imbalances of four-bodies and apply appropriate advice or healing to yourself and clients.

I do not limit my system and limit your talents and creativity to work with other healing modalities. I find it somewhat inappropriate, and it induces fear-based consciousness.

But for self-learning purposes, I would strongly advise putting aside what you had learned. And start fresh with the system. Once you believe you have confidence in how to use the system, feel free to work BodyMaitre, together with your other healing modalities.

The only request is, please keep the BodyMaitre work intact, and be respect and credit the divine source, Celestial Angelic Teachers (CAT).

If you are expertise in Life coaching and relationship counseling, you may combine with BodyMaitre Elements to provide yourself more insights into the contributed factors and root causes of your client’s problems. Thus you can apply your counseling and coaching methods more efficiently.

Ultimately, I do believe this is the system that can be used for life, to help us to evolve, to become the better person on mother earth.  

Isn’t it the enlightenment and ascension all about?

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