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Asking Questions

The way that we ask questions when working with BodyMaitre and working with a pendulum is important.  As mentioned earlier, we are working with our ideomotor response through the pendulum.  Thus, the answers to our questions are limited to “yes” or “no” or pointing to an answer on a set of charts or diagrams.  Therefore, the questions that we ask must be exact and precise in order to get the “yes” or “no” answer or being pointed to some item in a chart or diagram.  Asking questions that are general or wide or open-ended will not help; we will not be able to get an answer.

When we ask the questions, it is also important to ask the question first before swinging the pendulum.  Ask the question first and then let the pendulum swing to get our answer.

Clear and Steady Connection

Your consciousness required to maintain in a specific range in order to keep the channeling steady and clear. (Between your Four-Body and CAT)

Any questions or intentions coming from fear might break the connection. So stay grounded with poise will help.

Here is a general guide on what not to ask:

  • Any questions not aligned with personal development, ethics and love.
  • Questions that not related to supporting, healing and balancing of Four-Body system.
  • Questions involving with lower ego, regarding what will happen in the future.
  • Lottery numbers or winning horses or any game of chance.
  • Questions on asking for specific instructions on what to do versus questions seeking guidance.
  • Questions that are coming from self-interest and the lower ego.
  • Questions that are coming from lack and fear.
  • Questions that are not from a proper intention and motivation.
  • Questions that are about other people’s privacy or secrets.
  • Questions that are coming from curiosity.
  • Questions that are coming from worry.
  • Questions with the judgement of self and others.
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