What causes my partner always complaining, criticizing, and judging me for everything

Case Study – What Causes My Partner Always Complaining, Criticizing, and Judging Me for Everything?

Most often, we tend to focus our energies on judging the trivialities instead of just enjoying life.

So many relationships break down because of the constant judging of their partner around things that don’t matter.

Of course, it is essential for one should stay true to their values and core principles. But is it indispensable to have never-ending criticism and judgment?

Until the stage, your partner might reach to the point of never see you pleasing in his / her eye (看不顺眼) any longer.

These days, we are so used to focusing on the details of what our partner had done wrong or magnifying what they perceive as mistakes, that we often miss out on zooming back to the positive aspects of our loved one.

Have you ever experiences, no matter what you do, what you say, whether you are doing nothing and saying nothing at all. Can your partner always pick something up to criticize or judge you? Even the most trifles stuff.

Until to the stage, you feel so restless when your partner around you.

You are wondering, what causes your partner turning from a loving-kindness darling boy to an asshole?

I called it as Energetic Labelling or 9 Blades Prime Lens.

We tend to label people base on what we know best of the person, regardless of how true it is.

Your partner may choose to carry a lens called “Laziness” to see you, simply because you did not wash the dishes immediately after dinner.

Your partner may add on another layer of lens called “Useless” to see you, simply because you did not help him buy the exact stuff he wanted from the supermarket.

Your partner may add on another layer of lens called “Liar” to see you, simply because you could not deliver what’s your partner needed on the bed.

Your partner may continuously adding-on more and more different layers of lenses into his “minds-eye.” Until your partner no longer sees you how he used to see you.

Imagine all these lenses added up together, what he/ she will perceive you?

The real problem is, they do not have enough awareness to remove the lens.

Whether you are lazy or useless, are no longer critical here because you are destined to be seen in this way unless your partner willing to take off the lenses.

complaining, criticizing, and judging

If you are familiar with DSLR or MIRRORLESS camera, you probably already know that the aperture of your lens affects depth of field. If you shoot at a wide aperture, you will have a shallow depth of field. That shallow depth of field allows you to shoot photos or videos with focusing on sharp subjects only and the rest with soft, blurred backgrounds. When your subject is isolated from the background like this, it gives them pop and significance.

The quality of the out of focus portion of a photo is called Bokeh. The number of blades that make up your lens’ aperture’ is what makes the difference here.

Imagine, there are nine blades of different types of negativity of lens your partner wearing to see you. And that is how he/she will be focusing who exactly you are, all other positive qualities about you will be defocused in the Bokeh.

A relationship will never heal and reconcile if we are always wearing the 9-blade lens to see each other.

Awareness, Forgiveness and Letting Go means:

  1. You are willing to admit you are wearing the 9-blade lens to see and hurt your loved one.
  2. You are willing to forgive yourself and ask for Forgiveness for being constantly judging, attacking, hurting and distrusting your partner.
  3. You are willing to letting go of the 9 -blade lens so you can see you partner with a divine lens such as understanding, caring, and love.

Productive feedback does not hurt.  It advises and informs. If you take it up another notch beyond productive, not just ruined your relationship, it can destroy someone’s life too.

“Any fool can criticize, complain, and condemn—and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”

Dale Carnegie


My Life Partner always complaining, criticizing, and judging me for anything and everything, even to the extent of our daily communication are infuse with negativity.

I would like to know what are the underlying energies causing my partner to be in constant judging and criticizing me.


In this case study and four bodies reading, we will be focusing on finding out what underlying energies, blocks, or programming could be possible holding on within the four bodies, which could be the causes of transitioning from loving attitude to criticising, complaining and condemning behaviours. 

We will also look at any possible sources of love based vibration and consciousness could be anchored and cultivated for the four-body system. So that the person can utilize the new set of strengths to manifest desire results.


This case study video showcases how to scan and research four-body energies, root causes and blocks related to the subject topic. The clearing, healing and transformation segment are excluded in this video.

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