Energetic Causes of Miscarriage Pregnancy

Case Study – The Energetic Causes of Miscarriage and how to break the energy patterns?

Miscarriage is a painful and deeply personal experience.

The loss of a pregnancy can lead to deep feelings of sorrow, guilts and could feel like just lost a piece of the whole being.

No language captures the combination of overwhelming sadness a woman (and a man) may experience in the aftermath.

Many women understandably have a tough time with miscarriages, mostly because of the loss of something they wanted. 

For any life challenges, there might be something related to spiritual, mental, and emotional causes to the physical issue.


I have been through a miscarriage recently, I know I shouldn’t judge myself and let go; however, I couldn’t help to stop questioning myself on what I had done wrong with my pregnancy. I would like to know, are there any lessons I yet to learn,  or are there any blockages in my four bodies causing miscarriage?


In this case study and four bodies reading, we will be focusing on finding out what underlying energies, blocks, or programming could be possible holding on within the four bodies, which could be the causes of her miscarriage and pregnancy-related issues.

We will also look at any possible sources of love based vibration and consciousness could be anchored and cultivated for the four-body system. So that the person can utilize the new set of strengths to manifest desire results.


This case study video showcases how to scan and research four-body energies, root causes and blocks related to the subject topic. The clearing, healing and transformation segment are excluded in this video.

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