Career Failure

Case Study: How to overcome professional failure and career setbacks?

Just like any form of traumatic experience, any unresolved energies that we didn’t resolve completely could leave “stains” in our four bodies.

You have been doing your own thing, but times are getting tough, and it’s just not working out the way you thought it would. You feel lost and empty.

The project you have been working on for months and finally launched, just got shot down by everyone you know. You are losing motivation and desire to do anything.

You just got retrenched from your job. You feel lousy.

The past mistakes you have made, causing the whole team in trouble. You feel shameful and guilty.

You have been working at the same job for the past several years, doing alright, but not getting promoted, keeping the same title, earning the same salary you have been making for the past few years, and watching the co-workers right next to you move up above you. You feel tired.

No matter what’s your professional failure, It’s not the end of the world.

Regardless of where you’re at right now, something needs to change.

As with any form of a relationship breakup, when you lose a job or leave a business, you need a full closure before entirely moving on and opening yourself up to new opportunities. Else the unresolved energies might be brought forward to your next venture, or the same lessons might be repeating again.


I had a very challenging time with my former companies. I feel this has been blocking me from moving on in my life. I left my last corporate job feeling ashamed since I could not cope with a demanding job, I eventually resigned, but not on a good term with the company. I am still feeling Shameful and Guilt from my past working experiences due to unable to fulfill my former company expectation.

These issues have been repeated with my former companies that I am previously working with.

I am feeling stuck, and I would like to know what are the root causes or blocks causing me unable to move forward, holding me back, and how am I able to move on completely?


In this case study and four bodies reading, we will be focusing on what energies, blocks, or programming could be holding on within her four bodies, which causing her unable to move on freely in her life.

We will also suggest what positive energies could be cultivated and transform for the four bodies. So that the person can utilize the new set of strengths to manifest desire results.


This case study video showcases how to scan and research four-body energies, root causes and blocks related to the subject topic. The clearing, healing and transformation segment are excluded in this video.

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