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Case Study – Good Person VS Good Karma? Slow Slow Wait

Being a good person does not mean you deserve anything.

A life lesson we get when we are younger is that if we want something, and if we are good, we will get it.

If we were good enough and well-behaved, we would be rewarded what we wanted, either by our parents, teachers, employer, or God.

A lot of parents use this way to their kid, which I suppose might be useful at some point, but once they are older, good fortune in life will not be handed down to them for merely being ‘good.’

You know what I mean, I have been through that, and most likely, you experienced that too.

This expectation needs to end before adulthood, so we can pursue what we want in life rather than wait for it.

Else, your inner child might still sit there and waiting for the good fortune.

Put, being ‘good’ is not good enough for pursuing your desire and dream.

You must understand what you need to do to get what you want, and then take action.

The universe will not suddenly pick you and drop the lucky bomb on you.

Or you are waiting for God to give you what you deserve, because you believed you have accumulated a bag of karma coins from your past good deeds.

Law of Attraction will not be so easy to grant your desire, even you have set up the best Feng-Shui Formation in your house or office.

If you only believe on waiting for the right time and moment to get your fortune because of your Ba-Zi report told you so, then you will probably be ended up “slow-slow wait” (慢慢等)。

Or someone owes you karmic debts and waiting for the karmic board to compensate you with double interests.

If you maintain an entitled attitude, eventually you will get resentful towards others or even God who you deem not to be as ‘good’ as you get what you want, what you deserve.

You will end up focusing on how the people who have what you desire are unfair game.

Even every potential opportunity come right in front of us, we may not be able to have the clarity to catch it at the right time and space. We are sitting there and wait for the reward.

When you are getting older, your parents will not be there to assure your rewards anymore, even if you are good.

So, who can assure us to get what we wanted?

You, and your Four bodies.

Is your inner child still sit there and wait for the good fortune?

Or, what is blocking your inner child to grown-up as the Empowered one and Go-Getter?

In this case study, we are looking at a client to help identify why being a good person is not good enough for deserving an abundant and good life.

We are also looking at the highest potential solutions on what can be “add-on” to the four bodies’ consciousness.

Note: This video only showcases how to research four-body energies and blocks related to the subject topic. The clearing and transformation segment is excluded in the case study video.

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