Victim Archetype

Case Study – Causes of The Victim Archetype

The victim archetype is an acquired personality trait. It is usually the result of early life conditioning and coping mechanisms.

It’s important to claim and acknowledge the role of the victim since most of us some point in early childhood has thought being victimized or abused. 

Do take note it is challenging to move on with our lives unless we step out of the victim role and into the empowered role.

People who struggle with the victim consciousness are trusted that life is not only beyond their control but is out to hurt them.

This psychological lens is carrying by the person results living in constant blaming, finger-pointing, and self-pity that are charged by the feeling of powerless, fear, and anger.

Put merely, unattended victim consciousness within our four bodies means that we either blame our self, blame other people, and blame external circumstances for the unhappiness we feel.

Most victim’s archetype started forming in some way as children, whether that was through physical abuse, emotional abuse or psychological abuse.

Victim Consciousness can also develop or inherit through the co-dependent relationships we had with our parents.

Although what happens to us as children is entirely beyond our control, it is our responsibility as adults to step into personal power and reclaim responsibility for our strength, purpose and happiness.

In this case study, we are looking at a client to help identify what are the sources of Victim Archetype in the four bodies could be blocking the path.

We also looking at highest potential solutions on what can be “add-on” to the four bodies consciousness.

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