Bad Luck and Good Luck

Case Study – Sources of Bad Luck

Whether it is good luck or bad luck, you can go inside and create your own luck.

Just look inside you and your own four bodies for accountability. Because that is where the answer can be found.

There might be someone hate you so badly and throwing a curse or bad magic to you, but only your four bodies have openings, or weak enough to allow it.

The reality is that worst bad luck you have is the kind that you have unknowingly created base on what you think, how you feel and way you physically acted.

If there is subconscious programming, beliefs and feeling constantly making you behave powerlessly and deserve to be punished, then you are powerless, and you deserve to be punished.

In truth, bad and good things always happen in every cycle of our life, your four bodies underlying causes, such as mindset, feeling, perception, beliefs, and how you see the world all contribute to how you deal with these good or bad situations, and whether you choose to learn from the lessons or let them manipulate you.

You are the creator of your reality.

You are the master attractor of what you want to attract into your life.

Look inside of your four bodies, taking self-responsibility and practicing self-realization help liberates you from the illusion of being a bad luck carrier.

If you are believing anything outside of ourselves has power over our four bodies; and power to curse us with bad luck. Then it will be real.

Because that is what we are morphing into.

If you are unconsciously believing that you deserve to be cursed, suffer and bad luck, you will find any way to manifest it.

What you are connected-to, think, feel, and acted upon are reflected in your own life and reality.

When bad luck comes and stalls your path, the only way we can continue to move forward is to stop and look inside your own four bodies. What needed to remove, and what needed to add-on.

Set yourself back onto the road of success. No one can make your life better but you and your four bodies.

In this case study, we are looking at a client to help identify what are the sources of bad luck in the four bodies could be blocking the path.

We also looking at highest potential solutions on what can be “add-on” to the four bodies for inviting good luck.

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