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Case Study – Past Lives, Genetics & Ancestral Influences

What if, your blood sugar, your obesity, food sensitivity, the asthma that has follow you throughout your life, or the nightmares from which you wake numb and shaking, are not the result of your own lived experience, but are instead manifestations of hidden or unspoken traumas from past generations?

What if what happened to your great-grandparents has a significant influence on your four bodies and shaped who you are now?

What about the effects of familial shame, guilt, despair, rage, over-sensitivity, hopelessness? It could be passed on to you.

Silence, avoidance, concealment, denial, dissociation are ways individuals and families cope with overwhelming experiences.

Many of us are raised with the dictums: It’s water under the bridge. The past is the past. Please don’t talk about it. Unfortunately, what is unthinkable or unmentionable does not disappear from our psyches. While the horror may be suppressed in the victim and even her offspring, seven generations often feel “haunted” by something they can’t name.

In this case study, we are helping a client to identify what are the energy imprints that have been inherited from his/her ancestor lineage.

  • Spiritual Body: Past Life Influences (Earth)
  • Mental Body – People do not understand me
  • Emotional Body – Worn
  • Physical Body – All System carries a vibration of Denying Your Own Power.

Base on the findings, the subject was having issues expressing talents and efforts due to a combination of past lives and ancestral influences. The theme of the lessons related to “No matter what I do, how much effort I have put in, it wouldn’t make any differences, and it wouldn’t be successful, people will not understand me and appreciate my effort and contribution. Hence, the person instead not do anything and shut off him/her self.

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