Negative Cords

Tips on Cutting of Negative Cords with People, Places, and Things

Negative cords is energy that is said to vibrate at a lower frequency than more positive forms of energy such as love, harmony and gratitude vibrations.

The practice of cord cutting negative energetic etheric cords helps to recover positive energy that has been suppressed and to re-establish healthy energetic boundaries.

Many people fear that cutting cords to their loved ones is that they will either lose the relationship or it will get worse.

You are not cutting with a positive aspect of your relationship that doesn’t have to be cut or healed. You are cutting with the patterns that are running between you, whether it be something you created or the other person created.

You are not working on healing the other person; you are working on healing your end and how it affects your four bodies to be still running this cord with limiting elements in it.

Your relationship with people, things and places will change, but only because you don’t have the negative elements still attached to your four bodies.

You can only benefit from being disconnected from this energy, energy that isn’t serving for your highest good.

When you are asking spirits to cut or burn the negative cords between you, people, places, and things. You need to investigate what type of energies running exactly in between both ends.

And these cords can be established from your chakras and your four- body system.

If you choose to cut the negative energetic cord without research, it can be recreated and re-established again.

For example, there are Jealousy, Attachments, Envy, Sabotage, Anger, Frustration, Abused, Addiction, and Intolerance elements running between you and your loved one, if you are just asking to clear the cords without specifically identified these energy elements, the negative patterns can be re-established to you again even you have successfully cut and burned the energetic cords.

Your high self want you to be aware and learn your life lessons, else cutting cords without self-realization and awareness simply just a quick fix and not helping for your own growth.

If you are SRT or BodyMaitre Practitioners, here’s some questions you may use for your own reference.

Do I have any negative etheric cords established between me and ________________(people, places, things etc) at my chakras and four-body system?

If yes, research and investigate further with your SRT and BodyMaitre Four-Body system elements charts.

(BodyMaitre charts cover 800-900 blocks and interferences elements which could cause problems and challenges for the vehicle for our soul.)

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