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Case Study – Intuitive Relationship Counselling And What Causes Relationship Conflicts?

In any form of Relationships, are made up of both parties with different values and perceptions.

Both parties can provoke conflict when not fully aware or accepting of their differences. 

When a relationship in conflicts, usually because we tend to focus on the surface of the problem, not the cause of it. It is essential to identify the root causes of the problem before we try to fix anything.

One of the common causes of the conflict in a relationship is Judgement to each other.

We tend to believe we know our partner very well and always use our level of understanding, perception, values and lens to evaluate the other half of behaviours, attitude or way of handling things.

No one wanted to be wrong, including both parties. If you strongly believe you are right, then you are sentencing your the other half is wrong. Even you are open for reconciling in a relationship; your “Righteous” will not allow for healing this relationship because we tend to use what we know best to see a person.

What you see may not be the ultimate truth, most of the time it is our ego-self wanted to win, even though deep down in our heart we still love the other half.

Most qualified experts in relationship counselling know there’s no winner in a game of “he said, she said.”

So, blaming and victimization are not encouraged. Counselling isn’t about who was right or wrong; it’s about letting both parties, gaining awareness, rebuilding trust and re-establishing boundaries.

With intuitive counselling, we can learn a lot from each party. For instance, If the other half always drive us crazy might the qualities that we possess!

We might be judging each other, and both are not aware of playing the judgement game to each other.

We might be not listening to each other’s, instead of complaining your partner is not listening to you.

Many people believe that you should only seek relationship counselling when both parties are reaching a stage of separation or divorce. But that is often being too late.

Imagine if your house accumulated clutters for years, and you are most likely do not where to start to clean up your home.

Any form of Relationship reconciliation should begin as soon as the problems arise.

For example:

  • You have trouble expressing your true feelings.
  • You have an unsolvable and suppressed disagreement.
  • You have criticism, Judgement, distrust, or contempt.
  • You have an untold individual or family secret.
  • You have trouble making decisions and aligning same vision together
  • You experienced infidelity, addiction, or potential substance abuse.
  • You are doubting yourself or doubting your partner.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Intuitive Councelling


My partner and I always in some form of arguments nowadays, and always criticising my ideas and suggestions. I would like to find out what are the underlying root causes that contributed to our relationship challenges and conflicts.  Thank you.


In this Case study, we will be demonstrating how to identify the source of the conflicts for both party, with the information provided; we can help both party resolve misunderstanding, conflicts and gain awareness more efficiently.

Note: If you are a life coach, relationship coach, a relationship therapist. You may use BodyMaitre System as part of your Therapy programme and reference, but you must get approval and permission from your respective clients for energetic diagnostic their four bodies. 


This case study video showcases how to scan and research four-body energies, root causes and blocks related to the subject topic. The clearing, healing and transformation segment are excluded in this video.

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