Not Good Enough

Case Study – The Fear of Not Being Good Enough

When was the last time you felt that you had to prove something to the people you love?

How often do you doubt your ability and courage to achieve something you deeply dream and desire?

How often you do you feel like you’re never good enough for your parents, spouse, and partners?

What holds us back from consistently performing the level we’re capable of?

Why are we so quick to put ourselves down? Why do we tell ourselves ‘no’ when it comes to chasing our hopes and dreams? 

These aren’t the only lies we tell ourselves when we are living with the fear of not being good enough, part of overcoming these fear is recognizing that they’re there somewhere in the four bodies and that it’s within our power to change them.

In this case study, we are helping a person to identify, what are the underlying reasons that are causing the person always feel not being good enough for every area of life.

Spiritual Body – Psychic Viruses

Mental Body – Burning Candles at Both Ends

Emotional Body – Feeling Constraints

Physical Body – Nervous system holding the energy of Futility, Guilt and Inadequacy.

The existing and unresolved energy carries from the past has burden the subject and causing the person always feeling of not being good enough.

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