Morphogenetic Fields – Collective Influences

Natural systems, or morphic units, at all levels of complexity — atoms, molecules, crystals, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, and societies of organisms — are animated, organized, and coordinated by morphic fields, which contain an inherent memory. Natural systems inherit this collective memory from all previous things of their kind by a process called morphic resonance,

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Astral Disease

All physical or psychological disease appears in the astral or emotional body first, before moving into the physical body. Call to the Masters and request all astral or etheric disease be removed from your four‐body system and not allowed to enter your physical body. Insights Do I have any Astral Disease in my Four-Body system?

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Astral Entities

There are many kinds of astral entities. Some are just confused or earthbound souls. Other kinds of astral entities of a more psychic and elemental nature which are not incarnated personalities. This occurs most often at first from a child being traumatically abused by parents, usually when the parent in rage, or an alcoholic or

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Astral & Etheric Mucous

Astral Mucus builds up when we have had a negative emotional exchange with another person and we wrap up any emotions we don’t want to feel in an energetic packet that is enveloped with astral mucus and lodged somewhere in our energy field. These mucous clogs up and congests our ability to raise our vibration

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Negative Elementals / Psychic Parasites

When we are implanted by negative extraterrestrials, usually during a traumatic event like an accident, depression, divorce, drugs, stimulant drug, any physical or psychological imbalance, this usually allows the negative elementals, also called spiritual parasites, to create more havoc in our Four-Body system. The negative elementals are negative thought forms and feelings that attach themselves

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Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra is our solar plexus and deals with the mind and emotions, as well as with the will, will power or personal power. Under-activity in this chakra can be caused by a person not owning their 100% personal power, not utilizing the full potential of the mind, or not causing their reality with

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