BodyMaitre Advanced Practitioner Course – 50 Points Report


Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not happy with the content of the BodyMaitre Course, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

If you’re not satisfied with BodyMaitre, then I haven’t achieved my goal. So if you’re not happy with what you get,  Just simply send an email to me within 7 days and I’ll happily refund your money in full.


Course Pre-requisite:

Learn How-To Offer 50-POINTS , Total of 57 Pages of BodyMaitre Intuitive Reading, Clearing and Healing report to your Clients Professionally.

Sharpen your Intuitive Dowsing and Channelling Skills. Help your Clients Identify, Work Through the Deep Hidden Stuff, Regain Insights and Break the Toxic Cycles in Life.

In this course, you will be guided with step-by-step series of video training on learning how to identify and tracking down the root causes of various life challenges for your clients, regardless of love relationship, money, career, or health issues.

The course Covering 50 points assessments in total of 57 full reporting pages for your clients. Including energetic investigation on Psychic Debts, Past lives lessons, ancestral programming, Feng Shui clutters, psychic attacks, and collective consciousness influences.

With this fully structure and highly customizable client’s report template and guideline in placed, it forms a foundation for you with work with the divine sources to co-create a Unique and professional reading and healing experiences to address your clients’ needs and concerns.

This investigative report is highly customised base on your personal healing practices and vision. It is flexible enough to combine with your own skills, healing modalities and techniques with this system; such as Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring.


Spiritual, Holistic and Intuitive coaches, and healers who would like to effectively guiding students and clients to identify the hidden root causes of their life challenges and delivering a full report to clients with details level of energy patterns, precise findings and clarity.


Intuitive Life Coach, Advance Dowser / Channel, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioners, Inner Shadow work Healer, Self-Reflection & Inner Journey Therapist, Love and Relationship Therapist.

As an experienced spiritual intuitive wellness coach, practitioner and healer, you probably do aware by now, by helping your clients to gain clarity and insights to their root problems and life direction could be the most valuable guidance you can offer to your clients.  The things here is, to help your clients to identify the exact root causes of the problems might not that simple process.

For example, if you are physically not well, you are not sure what’s wrong of your body and which part of the system causing the pain, the first thing you would probably do is visit your doctor for professional advice, and your doctor are mainly relying on technologies to diagnose your body conditions with full body health screening and check-up. With your permission, your doctor carry out a full body diagnostic and assessment, so that he can help you to identify the root causes of the problem, with this report, your doctor can better advice the most suitable care and treatment base on your need and condition. Similarly, as a intuitive BodyMaitre practitioner, you will guiding your clients to gain clarity, insight and awareness of their life challenges, and helping them to investigate and identify the hidden root causes of their

Benefits and Highlights

BodyMaitre Advanced Practitioner Course
  • Step by Step guides on how to facilitates “50 Points” Four-Body System Energetic Scanning, Investigative and Healing for Clients.
  • Build professional, custom reading and healing report for your clients tailored to their needs with the report templates.
  • Transform how you research, plan and craft your client’s report content. Do less time on topic research and more time creating content that provides value for your clients' need.
  • Supercharge your healing work by offering extra value and benefits to the Intuitive reading services that you are offering.
  • Leverage the entire client's experience to stand out, build trust, and drive revenue through word of mouth.
  • You’ll be able to create a completely customized BodyMaitre Reports, adjusting or modifying every detail of your own preferences.
  • The report offers complete control over every detail of the pages, so you can accurately reflect your healing vision for your clients needs.
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