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Schedule your first Online One to One Consultation.

Duration: 30-45mins
Where: Google Meet / Zoom.

This  hands-on remote video training will cover:

Blocks and Interferences:

Many of us may encounter difficulty in getting the pendulum to work for us during the attunement process.  When this occurs, we may have blocks for channeling. We will identify and clear the blocks and interferences if there are any.

BodyMaitre MINER Shields Activation

You will be set up your very own Four-Body MINER shields.

BodyMaitre Mirror Shields
BodyMaitre Intelligence Shields
BodyMaitre Nullify Shields
BodyMaitre Evolve Shields
BodyMaitre Regenerative Shields

Soul Signature Love Imprints

You will get to know your soul/soul family signature love imprints, which is something you have learned from all your past experiences, including all your past lives. You will be download and activate this Signature Love Imprints into your consciousness, so you can utilize it for channelling and day to day life.

BodyMaitre Command Deck

You will be set up your very own Multi-dimensional space, where you can use it as your own sacred space to work together with Collective Angelic Teachers.

Please get ready with the following:

  1. Mobile Phones such as iPhone/Android smartphones with Camera. Or Laptop / Desktop with webcam.
  2. Highspeed Internet Broadband.


  1. Completed reading on SoulMetta, MindMetta, HeartMetta and BodyMetta Elements Modules.

Let schedule your 1st appointment with me through the form below:

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