Pendulum Dowsing and Essential Oils Classes – Singapore 6 & 7 October 2013


Sunday, 6th October 2013


Slique & Healthy Workshop – Part I


Sunday, 6th October 2013

1pm – 2pm


Oils Supplements and Massage for Cellulite & Stubborn Fat.

In this practical How-To Sharing, we will be walking-through the protocol on how to breakdown cellulite fat with essential oils, by using simple massage techniques. We will  also share an easy to practice daily regimen using oils and supplements that can help to us to bring a balance to our body’s ideal weight, while improving overall health of the body and organs.

Young Living Essential Oils and massage oils will be provided for practice purposes. Please wear loose clothes for this 1 hour class.




Slique & Healthy Workshop – Part II

Pendulum Dowsing for Slique & Healthy

Fee: SGD100 per person, SGD180 for Two.

Sunday 6th October 2013

2.30pm to 4.30pm


This workshop is for those who want to learn pendulum dowsing / muscle testing methods to find out the root causes for being having weight challenges such as difficulties to reduce body weight, etc. You will receive a set of pendulum charts and worksheet to help yourself and others to create an advance oils supplements diet plan. You will also learn how to find out which are the body organs that will require you to pay attention to in seeking to balance your body’s ideal weight.

Please bring your own pendulum or you can purchase / rent one during the workshop.


Chakra Guidance Therapy – Lift Up Your Mood

Fee: SGD 100 per person, SGD180 for registration of two persons Monday, 7th October2013


Chakra Guidance Therapy – Lift Up Your Mood

In this skill-learning class, you will learn how to use a pendulum and a set of chart to work with yours and clients higher self to access chakras information and identify what are the energy status within the 7 major chakra system. You will also learn how to use Emotional Guidance System from the book (from the book, Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks) to assist on finding out what are the suppressed emotions holding within the charkas energy centres that blocking the optimum healthy functions of chakras. You will also learn how to use pendulum to pick the right Young Living vibrational essential oils to assist you for release the stuck energy and infuse higher frequencies into the chakrascolumn.

The purpose of your Emotional Guidance System is to let you know when you’re in the process of attracting and creating what you do want and when you’re in the process of attracting and creating what you do not want. It gives you important information similar to the feedback you get when you touch a hot stove. Although we appreciate the warning from a hot stove, most of us have been trained to undervalue the information we receive from our emotions.


After this class, you will be able to:

  • Use a pendulum to work with higher self to identify what energy conditions are currently associated with each of the chakra points.
  • Receive pendulum attunements.
  • Identify what emotional energies (higher or lower) holding in each of the chakraassociated to the process of attracting what you want in your life.
  • How to release the lesser emotions blocks in each of the associated chakra and transform it into higher state of emotion with YL vibrational oils series.
  • You will also learn how to give a quick reading and healing by using pendulum and YL vibrational Oils for yourself and others.
  • Help your family and friends to instant lift their feeling and  hold positive energy in their chakra system.
  • Energy Chakra Dowsing Chart & Worksheet are included.
  • No healing or pendulum dowsing experiences needed.


Private session:

[1] 5 Points Karmic Relationship Reading

Fee : SGD 150 for 60 Minutes, addition 30 mins for SGD60

This reading is for those who are currently experiencing intense relationship challenges with their loved one and family members and would like to gain clarity of a bigger picture on what is actually happening on the karmic level. It will be able to assist you to identify what are the energies holding between the parties in the ‘game plan’. The purpose of the reading is to assist you to better understand what causes the conflict in term of energy and how you can better handle the relationship by changing the level of consciousness.

5 points reading includes:

  1.       Past lives karmic roles (if applicable)
  2.       Number of Past lives involved (if applicable)
  3.       Lessons that already learned in the present stage of life or from the past
  4.       Unfinished Lessons and energy that brought forward from past that is affecting the relationship currently
  5.      Discover ways to cultivate a positive mind-set and emotions towards the parties involve and how to learn through grace.


 [2] Metatron Manifestation


Fee : SGD 180 for 60 Minutes, additional 30 mins for SGD60



Co-creating with the Angelic realm and rewrite your future script to attract your desired living experience on earth.

Are you feeling frustrated with your current situations in life be in relationship, career or finances because you know that you deserve great love and yet you are constantly being taken advantage of by situation and people?

Do you feel that you are stuck into a certain pattern or cycle and that you have difficulties walking away from these patterns, walking away from the situation or people even though you believe that you deserve much more?

Have you tried many healing methods and way to ‘save’ or ‘heal’ yourself but things are still the way it is?


What you need is a total energy makeover in your own energy system to support you in your new endeavors. This session will help you realign your four bodies to love and harmony, sync your inner and outer relationships so that your whole being is speaking in one harmonious language. This session will also point to you the internal conflicts that had been generated through your inner body communication and help clear, heal and rebuild your body programs so that at the end of the day you will be able to walk with your head held high truly proud of being you!

Remember, Energy, be it positive or negative, cannot be destroyed.  It can however, be transmuted and transformed from a lower to a higher vibration.  To fully create and manifest the reality that we want, we will need to transmute the energy we have attached to our unconscious limiting thoughts and beliefs, thereby transforming the energy from negative to positive by changing electrical and magnetic field in our heart and brain.

Metatron Manifestation is a very powerful and effective energy transmutation process guided by Archangel Metatron, the Memory Record Keeper.


In this guided process, Archangel Metatron will help us to channel the Metatron Ray into our Light body (Energy Fields, Heart and Brain), to identify and retrieve the limiting thoughts and beliefs from unconscious self and memory bank, and to transmute any attached energy into a higher and positive vibration.

Singapore Venue & Address

Life By Design Consultancy

21 Tan Quee Lan Street #02-06

Heritage Place

Singapore 188108



Nearest MRT Station:

Bugis Junction (EW 12)


Bus Services:

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Victoria Street Bus Stop (Outside Bugis Junction)

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Please email if you would like to register for the workshop or for a private healing session.

Do note that confirmation is upon payment.