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I did read everything about law of attraction and also did energy healing, but i am still the same. Why?

I did read everything about law of attraction and also did energy healing, but i am still the same. Why?

Hello, I am a single mum of three kids, I tried everything to achieve abundance in order to give a good life to my kids, I did read everything about law of attraction and also did energy healing, but i am still the same, just depending on monthly income.

I want to achieve financial freedom, I want to have a lot of abundance.


Age 38, Female, Netherlands


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There are sticky images in the soul consciousness related to failure, so these energy imprints may on and off reflecting to your mind related to past failure and it may discourage you for future success.

Verbally Affirm the statement below and Archangel Metatron will assist to work with you:-.

“Dear Archangel Metatron please assist me to clear sticky images related to failure experiences, thank you.”

Visualize your whole body, all cells and DNA are filled up with platinum light that dissolves any impurities and imprints.

Associate YL oils frequency: TRANSFORMATION Blend.  Place 2 drops in your palm, rub it and sweep your aura from top to bottom and breathe in. Verbally affirm:

“I choose to live my life with success, I see every mistakes I made as a form of learning, and all life experiences lead me to success of abundance and money. I can easily transform any negative to positive experiences.




There is a subconscious programming may cause you to “Overly-Absorption in Study”. You may like to study a lot in certain subject, this is good, but when it is “overly-study”. You may not be fully absorb the wisdom and practically apply into day to day physical life. And this may cause imbalances and more energy focus in the mental dimension and less energy in others’ so you may want to seek balance in this aspect by applying what you learned into emotional expression and physical action. For those people usually have this programming, they also have tendency that unable to apply what they learned into  structural, clear minded and focus manners. so you may need to see if you have that issue or not.

Verbally Affirm the statement below and Archangel Metatron will assist to work with you.

“Dear Archangel Metatron please assist me to dissolve the “Overly-Absorption in Study” programming in my mental consciousness, and assist me to reprogram it to “balance in study and play” programming. Thank you.”

Visualize your third eye and crown chakra filled up with platinum light.

Associate YL oils frequency: VALOR blend.  Apply at the third eye and back of the head/neck with affirmation.

“I love to study and learning in moderation, I can apply what I learned with focus, creativity and fun. I can apply my wisdom into physical experiences easily and effortlessly. I have courage to change for the better and complete every single task with excitement. I have lot of fun in my work. i can apply what i learned with center and clear minded.”




When things doesn’t work out as what you expected, or when you think that it involve with too many physical steps or too much hassles, it Discouraged you. This discourage feeling is in your emotional dimension now and it is suggested to release it and transform to courage energy. It required practice and the 21 days daily practice may help you to cultivate in this aspect.


Verbally Affirm the statement below and Archangel Metatron will assist to work with you.

“Dear Archangel Metatron please assist me to dissolve the discouraged energies in my emotional body no matter how long it has been there, and assist me to enhance the feelings of courage. Thank you.”

Visualize your heart chakra fill up with platinum light.

Associate YL oils frequency: THREE WISE MEN blend.  Apply on the heart chakra with affirmation.

“I can choose to feel excitement, passion and enthusiasm in every living moment.  The more passion I consciously generate in my emotional body, the more courage positive experiences are attracted to me. I choose to see every business opportunity and career path with open minded and heart. There are many friends, family and people helping me to achieve success in my career.”




There are energy block in your Endocrine System – particularly Pineal Gland. Associated energy is “Fear of the present.”

You may worry about your current life condition especially materials gains, incomes or comfort level for yourself and children. There’s nothing wrong to strive for success in material gain since we living in this materials world. Many spiritual people choose to have judgement and fear about money, that’s why people involve in the spiritual / new age movement bear quite a lot of poverty group karma related money.

So it is recommend to release this energy block in your pineal gland and start holding the positive energy like “love of the present”.

The most important is able to change your Four-body consciousness and hold it consistently, then the universe and angels will help you to bring the results base on the current essence of your inner world; Since all energy are reflecting based on what we put in.


Verbally Affirm the statement below and Archangel Metatron will assist to work with you.

“Dear Archangel Metatron please assist me to dissolve the negative energy in my endocrine system, Pineal Gland related to fear of the present and assist me to enhance the positive and flowing energy with clarity and inner vision. Thank you.”

Visualize your pineal gland and endocrine system fill up with platinum light.

Associate YL oils frequency: ORANGE.  three drop at your liver, and one drop over your palm and breath in for 30 seconds, imagine the frequency of the oil travel through your Endocrine system with affirmation:-

“I am living in the now, I choose to experience my life with love, I can see clearly opportunity is everywhere and I can catch it with love and wisdom. Every moment are filling up with love, excitement and happiness now.”


The healing process with Metatron has been already setup for you. Repeat the above suggested transformation procedures for 21 days continuously. Once you are able to hold the positive energy diligently in your four-body system, you can manifest and achieve your goal easily.


Darreck Chen
Four-Body Energy Mapping – Let your own bodies guide you.

Metatron Manifestation Private Consultation

Metatron Manifestation Private Consultation

W e create and manifest our reality with our thoughts and beliefs. Each thought send a very powerful wave and send out different frequency. Whenever we choose to have a particular thought or belief, be it a positive or negative one, we oftentimes unconsciously attach energy to the thought or belief, so much so that over time the particular belief or thought becomes ‘charged’ and active.

Most people are unconsciously holding energy to limiting thoughts and beliefs whilst consciously attempting to ‘think positive’. In this situation, the energy from positive thinking is often cancelled out or negated by the energy attached to the negative thought or belief. This explains why people often do not fully succeed in manifesting or creating the reality that they want.


Energy, be it positive or negative, cannot be destroyed.  It can however, be transmuted and transformed from a lower to a higher vibration.  To fully create and manifest the reality that we want, we will need to transmute the energy we have attached to our unconscious limiting thoughts and beliefs, thereby transforming the energy from negative to positive by changing electrical and magnetic field in our heart and brain.

Metatron Manifestation is a very powerful and effective energy transmutation process guided by Archangel Metatron, the Memory Record Keeper.


In this guided process, Archangel Metatron will help us to channel the Metatron Ray into our Light body (Energy Fields, Heart and Brain), to identify and retrieve the limiting thoughts and beliefs from unconscious self and memory bank, and to transmute any attached energy into a higher and positive vibration.

If you have any of the following issues, this session may help you to overcome them:

  • Repetitive or deep seated patterns of negative feelings or emotions toward self and others
  • Negative thoughts and unconscious limiting beliefs blocking to attract money, health, or well-being
  • Persistent or stubborn issues relating to fear, hate, anger, guilt, or in love / relationships.


Here’s how you can benefit from this session:

  • Spirituality – Release resistance towards experiencing your connection with your own divinity;
  • Self-Esteem – Discover and release limiting childhood or parental beliefs rooted in your sub-conscious mind.
  • Relationship – Discover hidden issues that are adversely affecting your relationships
  • Prosperity – letting go of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about money and creating a prosperity mindset
  • Health/Body – Discover and reprogram thought forms and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from optimal health and vitality
  • Grief – Resolve painful memories that difficult to let go and finding the way to peace and joy.
  • Mass Consciousness – Manipulate and remove collective negativity from the mass consciousness and energy attached to your past experiences – Transform to thousand folds of positive vibration




BodyMaitre Private Consultation

BodyMaitre Private Consultation

What is 4-bodies System?

It refers to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Etheric Bodies.

When any of your bodies’ out-of-sync and imbalances, the following issues may appear to you:

  • You may start feeling uneasy or uncomfortable but you can’t tell where and why
  • Emotional body easily affected by people words, action and energy
  • Mental body clinging on negative thought forms
  • Spiritual body disconnected from soul and God due to blockages
  • Low Energy and vibrations, easily get ill and sick
  • Diseases started building up in spiritual and etheric body, and slowly manifest to physical body


In this private session, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Reading – Conditions of your mental, physical, emotional and soul level of energy blockages and root causes
  • Clearing – Your Energy blockages, psychic wounds, aura cracks, chakras, vows, curses, entities and discarnate in your bodies
  • Healing – Apply vibrations healing and sealing of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.