Darreck Chen

Darreck has been started practising pendulum dowsing techniques since the year of 2000, He believes Dowsing is an ancient form of communication tools with the Divine Sources. When he faces life challenges along the path, and couldn't identify the root causes of the challenges, that is how he is being inspired to created his own pendulum charts to resolve life challenges. AbundanceBelief.com serves as a platform for Darreck to share the insights of his work, the healing system BodyMaitre and Soul Memories. Currently, Darreck is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founder of BodyMaitre | Book Author: 100 Oils Cabinets 精油白子柜 | Founder of Soul Memories | Former Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Teacher | Young Living Diamond Member | Certified Aromatherapy Consultant | Founder of Seed of Life Holistic.

ancestral Influences

Case Study – Past Lives, Genetics & Ancestral Influences

What if, your blood sugar, your obesity, food sensitivity, the asthma that has follow you throughout your life, or the nightmares from which you wake numb and shaking, are not the result of your own lived experience, but are instead manifestations of hidden or unspoken traumas from past generations? What if what happened to your …

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Crown Chakra

Case Study – Blocks to Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra, is the seat of cosmic consciousness. It connects us to divine awareness. When our crown chakra is open, we feel connected to our Higher Self. When we are crystal clear, can easily access our inner knowledge and wisdom, when we are balanced, feel connected to others, can see the bigger picture of life purpose …

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Aura Clearing

Case Study – Tears, Leakages, Congestions, and Holes in My Aura?

Aura is an electromagnetic field around every living matter. Aura is a Bio-electric magnetic field radiating from every human being, plants, animals, minerals and all matter. Aura, is also reflecting the current health conditions of the four-body system. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. We can influence the external environment, nature, animals, and the …

Case Study – Tears, Leakages, Congestions, and Holes in My Aura? Read More »

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