The Nervous System

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The nervous system controls every movement and action we make, as well as every process that happens inside the body. Our nervous system made up of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. It works by sending tiny electrical signals, called nerve impulses. Millions of these travel around the body and brain every second.

At a more integrative level, the primary function of the nervous system is to control the body. It does this by extracting information from the environment using sensory receptors, sending signals that encode this information into the central nervous system, processing the information to determine an appropriate response, and sending output signals to muscles or glands to activate the response. The evolution of a complex nervous system has made it possible for various animal species to have advanced perception abilities such as vision, complex social interactions, rapid coordination of organ systems, and integrated processing of concurrent signals. In humans, the sophistication of the nervous system makes it possible to have language, abstract representation of concepts, the transmission of culture, and many other features of human society that would not exist without the human brain.

The spiritual and metaphysical purpose of the Nervous system is helping us to create a communication link between our external and internal worlds. It teaches us that what we experience within is also reflected in the outside. The nervous system begins to clogged when we experience internal and external conflict, running too much information at one time and the inability to process knowledge efficiently.  

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