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A story of sharing and receiving.

A story of sharing and receiving.

George, a spiritual, sincere and an honest guy, likes to help people and always like to share the good things with people around him.

One day, after he watched an inspiring play, he felt he had learned a lot from the play about life and spirituality.  Inspired, George started sharing passionately with his family and friends about how good the play was.  After hearing George’s sharing, many of his family and friends went to watch the play.

One day, George asked God, “God, I am an honest, sincere and spiritual person.  I like to share good things with other people.  But why do I still have difficulty in receiving abundance?  Why do I still have money issues and so much debts to clear?”

George asked further, “God, can you open up the channel of abundance of wealth and money for me?”

God heard his prayer.  “Sure, I will open up a stream of abundance of wealth to you.”

Working in unseen ways, God “fixed” it that the producer of the play heard about George’s passionate sharing about the play and promoting the play.  Because of George’s sharing and promoting the play (which was somewhat obscure and was running to low ticket sales), ticket sales increased significantly for the play.  Seeing how George had managed to help promote the play, the producer met up with George and made him a proposal, “From today on, if you continue to share the movie with other people, you will receive $10 for each person you introduce to watch the play.”

George thought about the proposal but rejected the offer.

One day later, George asked God again, “Why are my prayers still not answered as I have so many bills waiting to be paid?”

God replied, “I opened up the opportunity for you but you rejected it.”

George said, “I rejected the proposal from the producer of the play because I thought I couldn’t do it for money.  It is not spiritual.  Besides, I am shy to tell people how good the play is if I accepted the proposal to earn some money.  I would then be promoting the play for money.”

God then asked George, “Is sharing your goodness and good things for money bad and not spiritual?”

George was silent at first.  George thought about God’s question and then replied hesitantly, “No…”

God then asked, “Why then do you think it is not spiritual to receive abundance while sharing the goodness of something?”

George thought about what God said and decided that he will take up the offer proposed by the producer of the play.

The next day, George contacted the producer of the play and accepted the offer.

He started to tell everyone about the play, but the people he told about the play were not interested.  As a result, he did not receive any money for his efforts.

George asked God again, ”Dear God, why is it that I am still not receiving any income as I have shared how good the play is with friends and other people but they are not interested?”

God asked George, “Are you sharing how good the play is whole-heartedly with passion and sincerity?”

After thinking about it, George replied, “Not really.  I was thinking how much I could earn to settle my bills when I was sharing about the play with my friends and other people.”

God then said, “That’s the point, George.  Your four-body are not sharing the movie whole-heartedly and with passion and sincerity.  Your friends must have felt that you were not sincere and they would have felt that there must be some other intention behind your sharing.  That is why they did not feel compelled to go watch the play.”

George understood what God was saying, and he started approaching his friends and other people with sincerity and a pure heart sharing how good the play was with them.  His friends and other people felt his passion and sincerity and decided to watch the play.  With this, George started earning money from the ticket sales from his recommendation of the play.

However, George still did not understand what was different and why there was such a difference in the outcome.

God told George that George’s mental body was holding a block to abundance in the form of judgment of money and the shameful of selling through the business system.   “Your emotional body was also feeling shy to receive money by sharing the wisdom.  Your physical body neglected to open up to a passion for money and your spiritual body thought that money is not spiritual.”

God added that there is always a balance between giving and receiving.  “Once you are able to seek the balance, without any judgment to any system in this physical world, the doors will naturally open to you.  Very often many doors open for people and very seldom people are able to walk through that door as their own four bodies are having inner conflicts and are unable to see the door to opportunities clearly.”

Often times, we hold so much different kinds of judgment about the current systems in this world that we live in that are in place, such as government systems, business systems like organisations involved with trading, due to group karmic effects of the people involved, our own beliefs and even beliefs of the society that we are in.  A system is just a system.  A system based on the people involved with the system that is causing the challenges.  There are many people involved with various business systems having greed energies and unethically practices.  However, if you are able to seek the balance of giving and receiving with a sincere heart to share the goodness of any form of service and/or products for people who need it, you will eventually receive and reap the rewards from that system.  A good example of such a system where many people are still stuck in judgement and seeking the karmic balance of sharing and receiving is in network marketing or direct sales systems.

George was aware that it was his own four-body system that was blocking the flow of abundance for him and it was not due to any external factor.  George realized that he had learned a valuable lesson from God.

Busy and flustered!

Busy and flustered!

As I sat down to write about this week’s article, I am a little bewildered as to what should I share about, as it has been a very busy two weeks with a lot of classes structured for the introduction of a new project.

As I begin to put my fingers to the computer keyboard, words begin to flow. I bet a lot of people would have experienced going through a very busy time, with a lot of things to do, and yet at the same time feel a little lost?

So I am setting here a goal to ask about, “What do I need to know to in order to achieve greater productivity, efficiency and focus, especially when I am busy and unable to ground my energies properly, in order to have the proper and right relationship with my 4-body system?”

As I ask for Higher Guidance about what it is I should be aware of, it was brought to my attention that first of all, I need to let go of all the “what-ifs”, “may be’s”, and those things which had passed and obviously the past cannot be altered. True enough a few awareness came to mind, i.e. I was too cautious in my thinking and actions about moving ahead with plans.

The issue highlighted from my mental body was that of evil thoughts, rigid and non-open minded. I realized it was programmings on bad thoughts – jumping to negative conclusions, rigid in the sense that my mental body had difficulty to look out of the box at times while insisting tho follow how things have been mapped out. Thus, I truly need to be more conscious of being open minded in all areas, as things progress. We always expect the perfect outcome as how we had planned in our heads and yet failed to see that a perfect outcome could have been in some other ways too. Sure enough, I realized that when there were instances where I let my trust and intuition to proceed, after having taken the proper steps, things did turn out fine! 🙂

Now, my emotional body was obviously greatly affected due to the faulty programmings. It had discontentment, hatred of being “useless”, when truly I need not have those feelings at all. In fact, things did turn out quite well and for the better too. 🙂

Now, my dear physical body jumped in to add that all that was needed was action! The proper action and less of the worries and thinking at a time when all the thinking has been properly done. Don’t you think, the skeletal being the support frame of the body, had lots wisdom in that advice? Definitely.

Thus, I need not have flustered myself and the energies of all my 4-body system at all. In fact, at most time when I consciously shift my own focus to what needs to be done and less worries and more actions, things went on smoothly, as I had then held in me the right energies of trust and love to the energies of my four bodies to give me the necessary support and love.

I sincerely and whole-hearted thank the wisdom shared by my 4 bodies and Higher Guidance! I promise that in the future, I shall remember, love of my 4 bodies and focus and action will get me more than I will ever get with fear, worries and inaction!




当你的朋友,亲戚出予金钱困难而向你求救的时候, 你可能为了你们的关系,而申出援手,帮他们解决问题。


























你的意识体,认为帮别人是好事一件。 所以要借。





当我们做了一个决定,自然的, 我们的四个身体,也会同步一起产生一定的能量,而附和所做的决定。无论是正面,和负面的能量效果。





What are the Karmic Effects on Gossip?

What are the Karmic Effects on Gossip?

My word!

I always look forward to Saturday evening, being my Taichi day. My friends and I, have dedicatedly (or not, some of the time) attended our Yang Style Taichi class with a lot of fun and good sweat-outs, always.

As usual, after giving our Taichi teacher a harrowing time of having to refresh our memories of the moves, having “progressed” from 28 steps to 85, we adjourned to dinner. This week’s dinner being a birthday celebration, we sought to try out the food at Ten2Eight, a really comfortable and charming café at Desa Hartamas, with a charming owner, June.

Eight or nine sumptuous dishes later, and with over-stuffed tummies, our laughter soon turned to a slightly serious discussion. Someone asked, “Why do people tell tales or gossip?” To make themselves appear more important? To belittle another? Out of spite? Out of lack of self-confidence and esteem? Just for the heck of it? …how little do we give a thought to the things we say, don’t you think so?

Needless to say we had a good time trying to understand the view points of everyone at the table. A wonderful and delicious home-made red velvet cake and a beautifully presented sago dessert managed to stop the conversations for a little while before laughter break out again. We soon went on to share a hundred and one things, and the topic of gossip, was soon forgotten.

Back home, and after a really good and long shower, I sat down to check my emails. A newsletter from Oprah (you know who) came in. Surprise, surprise, highlighted was this:

September 1, 2012

Oprah’s LifeClass’ Newsflash: The Terrible Things Women Do to Each Other

“When you gossip, you HEX yourself. Because I guarantee you if you do it, it’s coming back on you.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Interesting… I could not just let the topic go now. So I sat down and the words begin to flow… despite it being 1.00am in the morning, my juices (the creative/writing ones, I meant!) are flowing… haha! I picked up my BodyMaitre charts and began to work with Metatron and my 4bodies to find out more about the energy of gossip.

In doing the work of BodyMaitre and spiritual studies, what Iyanla said is what we have learnt exactly. But most of us would unconsciously succumb to some form of this act of gossiping, guiltily, at one point or another, without a thought. Be it for jest, or some times out of frustration, malice or not, we failed to understand the extent of gossip’s damage on ourselves.

To understand more, I asked AA Metatron to show me what I need to know, if I engage in gossip.

To this Mr M indicated the extent of disharmony that would take place within me in the act of gossip:

My physical body, particularly the nervous system would probably incorrectly hold energies of feeling anguished from the communication.  I went, “Huh!?! … but it was probably out of harmless fun!” I realized then the physical body does not know, if it was out of jest or spite or fun. An inappropriate energy would automatically be created in a place of defense (the nervous system) within my body.

My Spritual body or energy will not be spared too. I would be creating, unintentionally or otherwise, psychic cords (energetic connections) to the subject and the person I gossiped on. “Yikes!” What a way to have my energies siphoned away unnecessarily! That would probably lead to fatigue and ungrounded-ness, no less.

Psychic wounds will appear. This is probably because of the less than positive energy I would have expanded in gossiping – being ‘speared’ back at myself! The act of gossip naturally would also send out negative vibes, no matter how “well” the intention was, externally. This negative vibes are ruthless and do not discriminate … naturally again, I would be the one in its path too! In fact, I would be at the very start of the path! Clearly, the gossip energy we expanded will do more harm and damage to ourselves, before it reaches another.

Not stopping at that, Mr M also pointed out that I would be at great risk of creating negative elementals around myself. Now, what are these negative elementals? To put it briefly here, there are basically two types of negative elementals. One is of nature and the Earth. The other being destructive energies we created ourselves that had gained “Strength” due to a constant indulgence of it; feeding the negativity constantly from our thoughts, words or actions to the energies surrounding us. I would become a walking magnet of negativity! I bet, if I have that, I would start to attract more similar destructive energies into my life, such as gossipy and disgruntled people, situations of being blamed by others, attracting people who constantly complains about being unfavourably treated by others, etc. “Blimey!”

Mr M went on to share that there is great likelihood that my Higher Bodies would fall into disharmony energetically and therefore will be in need of energetic restoration… “Uh oh!”

I would also likely to experience disharmony and imbalance state of being from the Solar plexus to the throat chakras, or more!

My Emotional body/energy will likely feel or begin to believe that it is unloved, dismayed, defenseless/defensive. All from a simple act of gossip!

That emotional energies will need a great deal of hamornious emotions and love to bring it back into balance… “a.k.a. hardwork from ground zero!”

Not wanting to be denied of its “fun” my Mental body/energy would likely to begin building some nasty programmes that would lead to a very ungrounded beingness – probably harbouring a lot of energies of inability to see past truths. I might just be unable to help myself get out from this mental trap – seeing what I had gossiped to become more and more real. Becoming victims, instead of being able to empower myself.

Now, let me see, what did Iyanla Vanzant said again about gossip…..?

“When you gossip, you hex yourself. Because I guarantee you if you do it, it’s coming back on you.” – Iyanla Vanzant


Gosh! I am glad I chose to learn to express love to my inner 4bodies/myself! Although I may not be perfect at it, I am learning to be better … hopefully! Hahaha…

Wishing everyone a wonderful days ahead!

With Love and Joy, minus gossips,


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