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Have you cleared your Karma recently?

Have you cleared your Karma recently?

Since young, I have always heard people talking about doing good things to and for other people, like doing charity work, giving money to beggars, and even to the extent of sacrificing self for others, will help us to accumulate positive karma or dharma.  In other words, to reduce our accumulated sins or negative karma from the past, including past lives.

I believed that for many years, until one day.  I was thinking about this topic again, whether karma really works in this way.

No, my consciousness told me no.

Not in the way of what society, culture or the media has educated me in the past.

Karma, in a nutshell, or in layman’s terms, means universal law of cause and effect.

Every mental thought, emotional feeling, physical action, have some form of cause and effect over self and others.  It depends of the nature and essence of those thoughts, feelings and actions.

When we create energy with a negative essence in nature, that energy we created in a negative manner is considered negative karma.  This means we are creating some negative effect from the causes that we do not usually know or are not aware of.

If we have made a mistake, regardless of whether it was a conscious or unconscious mistake, there are always the consequences, which will affect self and/or others.

Depending on the intensity or severity of the mistakes, the mistake can cause harm/imbalance to one’s four-body system on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

If the mistakes involve other people, or society, the effect of that mistake can be more far-reaching than we could have imagined.

Most of us have been experiencing countless conscious and unconscious mistakes in this life time.  The good news is that we are still alive and we are still learning.

Some may try to do more charity work, or service work, in the hopes of accumulating more karmic points for themselves, or for their children and family, or simply for fame.

Does the “karma system” on earth really work this way?

When we do something that is considered negative in nature, be it caused by a thought form, a feeling or an action, the harm is there, whether harming self or others.  Once the harm is done, there is no turning back for we cannot erase the memory or any form of experiences – it becomes part of the record of the soul’s experience.

We might think that to compensate for some past mistake, we do something good, or do a positive act.  This will create another effect, and would have nothing to do with the previous negative act or act of harm.

This is because we cannot replace one action with another one.  It is not that simple.

For example, a person has a greed programming running in the subconscious mind (it doesn’t matter which life experience this greed programming is coming from).  Because of that greed programming, this person has no self awareness he has this programme running in his mind, and this programme is causing him to think about taking advantage of other people.  The thought form of thinking from the mental body causes a chain reaction to his emotional body to feel eager and the excitement of stealing, and these energies will push his physical body into action, and thus start stealing from others.

Years later, this person embraced religion and started to believe in karma and about paying back.  He started feeling ashamed and guilty for his past deeds.  He begins to do a lot of charity work, helping people, lending people money due to his conscience and his belief that helping people can create more good karma to pay his karmic debts.

If you are looking from Kuan Yin’s point of view, or any ascended master who has had lifetimes on earth, the story can turn out to be quite different.

If Kuan Yin did a scan of his four-body system (the soul vehicle on earth and which is holding all the information for the soul including karma) after he has passed-on, it may very well turn out that this person has not addressed any of his karmic lessons at all.

He may still have not addressed the programming of “greed” in his mental body, because he chose to escape and hide the programming deep within and not admit that he is greedy.

He may still be holding the high and excitement feeling in his emotional body associated with his liking to steal, and neglects to look into his emotional body.

He may create another two programmings in the mental body called “guilt” and “shamed”.

He may help a lot of people by lending them money (not from outright generosity or kindness but from a negative motivation caused by guilt) and he might think that he is creating a lot of dharma or good karma.  However, from the ascended masters’ point of view, he may be blocking many souls on earth to master their own individual abundance lessons, and delay their learning curve to master the money and wealth energies.  By lending other people money, he is taking their power away although it sounds likes helping them.

Clearing Karma is not done simply by just doing a good deed to create good karma.  Clearing one’s Karma is about understanding the underlying lesson, by practicing self-awareness, wisdom and love in our own four bodies. When we think good thoughts, feel right, act with ethics, will and power, we are already doing good karma or dharma to our own self, and others, and the world simultaneously.

However, if we really do care about our past mistakes, the effects and we want to “clear the karma”, so to speak, what we really need to do is simply tune into our own four bodies and find out what needs to be cleared and what we need to do.  Our bodies are like a treasure chest – they are the memory palace or Akashic records for our soul.  They have all the answers we need.

The BodyMaitre Retreat in Penang this September, is a 4-day karmic clearing and healing retreat for individuals to find out what their Karmic ties are and who care enough for themselves to clear those Karmic ties.  During this Retreat, individuals will be given their own space; they will also get individual and personal attention from the retreat facilitators who will work with the individuals to clear their Karmic ties and assist them to learn to hold self-awareness and love consciousness to deal with challenges in the areas of love, health and/or wealth.




它是一个交换系统,通过需求(Demand) 和供给的循环 (Supply) 法则,让我们得到所需的物品和服务。













1. 精神体 (Spiritual Body) 对金钱存有排斥的心态。 认为金钱不纯洁。

2. 心智体(Mental Body)就代表潜意识存有很多金钱负面的程式,信念。例如,直销是骗人的,做生意的人都不好,公司里的人都要把我拉下。。。等等。

3.情绪体 (Emotional Body)对金钱感觉负面的情绪压迫,害怕,和紧张等等。

4. 肉体 (Physical Body) 对金钱的压力,导致身体器官和细胞增加负担。


从出世到现在,我们的身体就跟着我们,但。。。老实的说,我们到底知道自己的身体有多少呢? 和他们的关系有怎样呢?




Life is about creating yourself

Life is about creating yourself


I wanna create myself of LOVE …and I trust that everything else will fall into place …

This was the reminder that struck me as i looked at a picture on Facebook shared by many on this lovely morning of August 18, 2012. The picture says, “Life is about creating yourself…”

I stopped. I listened. The world about me exudes peace and calm this morning. Particularly when chirping of birds came with the break of dawn devoid of traffic sounds. A lovely feeling of wonderment that was.

I began to think again… Back to my first thought, I continued to ask myself, “My decades of life experiences have shaped me to be who I am now. What of ME that I’d like to embrace most today? What of me that I’d like to remembered as most when I am dead and gone?” The answer has to be “LOVE” !

More than the love and gratitude we express and feel for our parents. More than the intensity of passion we express to our wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners. More than the joy, gentleness and awestruck wonders expressed to a child. Much, much more… and yet quite simply and simple – LOVE.

A LOVE that lives in me, that is of me, within me. With that LOVE I shall speak, breathe, feel, think, act, share, and much more from every cells of my being. That I shall do my best for today, and, I shall trust that everything else shall fall into place!

And, I wish all of you today – that you will have lots of LOVE too!


































BodyMaitre Penang Retreat – 21 to 24 September, 2012

BodyMaitre Penang Retreat – 21 to 24 September, 2012

A Manifesting Retreat by BodyMaitre

… In Enchanting Penang

21 to 24 September, 2012

After two successful Retreats, we are very happy to announce our third Manifesting Retreat coming soon in September 2012. The excitement escalates as the opportunity to meet wonderful new friends and share in the Retreat comes once more. We had come away from the previous Retreats with wonderful experiences, meeting new friends, and most of all, we were humbled and at the same time, privileged to hear and witnessed wonderful shifts and changes experienced by the participants. We are thrilled and excited as we were privileged to the participants’ sharing of the changes they are able to bring forward into their lives, be it in the area of family and love relationship, money and abundance or career.

This was and will always be the reason for the Manifesting Retreat – to help each participant bring on a deeper level of awareness, to bring about change and greater awareness towards attainment of the goal that we seek. We hope to be able to assist each person to gain more love and clarity, plus building on the right energies, whilst working to discard the old limiting ones, in whatever area of their lives.

Once again, we shall be back to enchanting Penang, from the 21 to 24 September, 2012. The Retreat will take place within the beautiful, private and serene setting of Chymes. Chymes, is a tastefully furnished sea-front boutique hotel located along Tanjong Bungah in Penang. It is has graciously and generously worked with us each time, to build a conducive and supportive environment, a cosy ‘home away from home’ for the Retreat participants.

We provide a safe space for each person to gently work on the healing of the Self, in an environment of warmth and support from the experienced BodyMaitre Consultants, Teachers and Facilitators present. Darreck Chen the founder of BodyMaitre will be personally involved and will be sharing in this Retreat! He will be joined by Jennifer Lim and KokWai throughout the Retreat.

We must apologise that we are only able to allow a maximum participation of only 10 -12 persons at each Retreat. We want to ensure that each participants will have the attention and guidance as necessary in their healing journey within the Retreat.


What Is BodyMaitre?

Clear Karma with Energy Detox

BodyMaitre is a system to help us identify and deal with the karmic lessons that are accumulated not just within our Physical body, but also those affecting the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual aspects of our energy bodies too.

In living our life experiences, it is inevitable we will come in contact with people bearing all kinds of energies, good and the not-so-good or heavy energies. Consequently, we are affected by the energies from family, friends and colleagues. We are also continuously impacted by the energies in our working and living environments.

Undeniably, we too, create a lot of these negative energies ourselves too.  These negative energies have the potential to create problems, issues and challenges for us, in all areas of our lives from our relationships to health, money and career.

BodyMaitre is a system and tool to help us understand why and what are blocking us to love and success in every area in our life, be it health issues, money challenges, relationship issues, traumas or career blockages.

In BodyMaitre, we will be introduced to our four bodies and learn to love our four bodies, for the four bodies make up the vehicle for our soul for us to accomplish our divine and soul purpose on Earth.  We will also work with our four bodies to clear negative and discordant energies, limiting and negative beliefs and programming that is blocking us from expressing our highest potential.

penang retreat chymes hotel


What can we expect from this Retreat?

As participants of the Retreat, we will fully and wholly focus our energy and objective into the clearing and healing of blocks or negative energies blocking us from a significant area of our lives. We will choose and identify one area that we want to work on upon signing up for the Retreat.

The experienced team of BodyMaitre Consultants, Teachers and Facilitators will work with each participants to identify and zoom into the blocks that is keeping us from manifesting what we want, within a chosen area of choice. We will need only to dedicate our energies and time within the 4 days and 3 nights to understand ourselves better and be willing to work on the healing, based on guidance provided during the Retreat.

As much of our issues are those accumulated from the years and decades of our lives, we must be able to expect that the healing process will be on-going. However, the guidance and support for the Team present, will allow each one of us to go home with a good and strong know-how to continue the work as necessary. As with previous Retreats, the participants and Consultants will also be linked by emails, for further sharing and in support of the process of healing that will take place for each of us.

Amidst the release of old energies which no longer serves our higher growth, we will also likely experience inspiring moments with others participants in profound ways. We will definitely have lots of laughter too that will seal all of us in a bond of closeness to take home as kindred Souls who found friendship, support and care in each other again.


Where, When, Who, How…?

Date: Friday to Monday, 21 – 24 September, 2012

Venue: Chymes, Penang. (You can have a peek into this wonderful location at

Booking & Registration:

Organisers of the Retreat are:

Lifeworks Holistic Centre Penang

  • Darreck Chen –
  • Jennifer Lim –
  • Kok Wai –

Or Call us +6012 207 1559 for details.

Lifeworks Holistic Centre Penang

You can also contact your local contact/centre/organisation nearest to you, from whom this information has reached you.

Energy Exchange?

US$1,000 net, inclusive of all 3 meals and accommodation for 3 nights, checking in on Friday afternoon and check-out at noon on Monday.

How to get there?

Participants will have to arrange for their own transport (air or land) to the location. Further information on address and contact numbers will be given upon Registration and Payment.


This Retreat is not a methodology learning Retreat. We leave the Retreat with a healing plan which is specifically for the betterment of  the issue we chose to address at the start of the Retreat. This plan and know-how is simple but yet profound and effective towards eliminating the blocks we have put up for ourselves and the negative energies within us.

BodyMaitre which consist of the 5 core modules of Foundation, BodyMetta, HeartMetta, MindMetta and SoulMetta will be available for those who are interested to learn as healing tools, after the Retreat.


Kindly contact the Organisers for more information.


Where else can you find us?

Find us on Facebook too –


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Additional Information on BodyMaitre Workshops
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BodyMaitre Free Talk – Thurs, 20 September 2012 – 7pm

BodyMaitre Foundation – Tues, 25 September 2012

BodyMaitre MindMetta – Wed, 26 September 2012

BodyMaitre SoulMetta – Thurs, 27 September 2012
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