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Do you want to be right, or do you want to be love?

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be love?

Every Saturday evening, it’s a dinner date with a few of my close spiritual buddies.

During one of the gatherings, we were talking about a certain topic on spirituality. Each of us shared very different ideas and each of us were trying to argue that we were right in terms of what we believe in.

Each of us had a belief that we were right in our beliefs.  When we started to not want to let go of our belief that we are right, the energies within the group changed.  There was coldness and conflict.

I started feeling not right, the not-right-of-being kind of feeling. My mind stated churning out a series of thoughts.

– Is it wise to hold the belief of being right, or being wrong within?

– Would this have to be absolutely right or wrong?

– Is there an ultimate truth for being right?

Others people’s belief, is not necessarily my truth. On the same score, my own belief is not necessarily other people’s truth.

There is neither right nor wrong with regards to what we believe and how we perceive things and life.

However, there is a difference between beliefs and perceptions.  It lies in the results of the belief – whether it is limiting or constructive in nature.

If my belief , creates a negative, limiting or destructive result in term of actions, energy wise, then that will be inappropriate.

On the reverse, if the thought forms of the belief creates a constructive  result and action, then it will be positive.

Fighting about who is wrong  and who is right only serves to create energetically a moment of conflict. It will only cause harm in the relationship with your friends, family, clients, colleagues and lover.

So, whenever we are in an argument, fighting for who is right and who is wrong, stop for a moment, and check how you feel in your own bodies? What are the reactions of your mental, emotional and physical aspects of your soul?

Are you energetically positive or negative?

If it is negative, it means something is happening within your four bodies.  You could be suppressing “stuff” which will be waiting for you seek within to “detox” out.

Listed below is a list of common “stuff” that can cause relationship challenges within your bodies.

Mental Body – Subconscious Mind Psychology Programming

  1. Holding Grudge Programming
  2. Conflict Programming
  3. Lack of Integration of Inner Child Programming
  4. Negative Ego Duality Programming
  5. Lacking in Tact Programming
  6. Self Righteousness Programming


Emotional Body – Fear Based Emotion

  1. Feeing Misjudged
  2. Feeling Stressed
  3. Feeling Hassled
  4. Feeling Disgraced
  5. Feeling Incensed


When you are in the moment of communicating and discussing with your loved one, and you are holding a concept that you are right, he is wrong, step aside for a while, feel your own bodies, and ask yourself if you have any of “stuff” listed above?

If the answer is yes, it means it is time for you to do a four-body energy detox, because, deep down you know that your soul does not belong to fear.



每一个星期六,都会跟我一班知心朋友去吃晚饭喝茶。在一次聚会里,谈到一些身心灵的话题, 大家都各持己见,试图解析自己所知道的是对的。


之后,觉得不对劲。 心想了一系列的问题。

– 抱着对和错的心态在心怀,好吗?

– 这个世界有对和错吗?

– 这个世界有终极的对吗?





跟别人执着于对和错,只会产生冲突。 这,对朋友,家人,顾客,同事和爱人之间的情素。只有伤害。





心智体-潜意识程序出了状况 (Subconscious Programme)

  1. 耿耿于怀程序 (Holding grudge)
  2. 争端冲突 (Conflict)
  3. 内在小孩 (Inner Child)
  4. 自我二元性 (Ego Duality)
  5. 缺乏分寸感 (Lacking In Tact)
  6. 自以为是 (Self Righteousness)


情绪体 – 负情绪(因为恐惧所产生的负能量)

  1. 感觉误判 (Feeling Misjudged)
  2. 感觉压力 Stressed)
  3. 感觉滋扰 (Hassled)
  4. 感觉丢脸(Disgraced)
  5. 感觉激怒 (Incensed)




Hong Kong BodyMaitre Workshop and Private EnergyDetox Session (3rd to 12th July 2012)

Hong Kong BodyMaitre Workshop and Private EnergyDetox Session (3rd to 12th July 2012)

 with Jennifer Lim, Hoi Kok Wai and Darreck Chen

3rd to 12th July 2012 in Hong Kong
The Reflections

13/F Unit B Suen Yue Building
Bonham Strand West
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (close to Sheung Wan MTR exit, walk toward Western Market)

(852) 2504 1333

BodyMaitre is a system to us identify negative energies in each of our body within our 4-body system. We identify the negative energies held within us and learn to dissolve them through Self Awareness (Wisdom) and Metta (Love). It is a powerful, yet simple tool that assist and support us in the transformation of our life experiences.

We constantly absorb negative energies daily from our life experiences and from the people around us – our family members, friends, colleagues, and even from environment that we work and live in as well. We do, undeniably, create a lot of these negative energies ourselves too.  These negative energies have the potential to create problems, issues and challenges for us, in all areas of our lives – from our relationships to health, money, career and many more.

BodyMaitre is a system which utilises a set of divination tools like pendulum and ‘divinition maps’ to help us understand the what’s and why’s of our challenges in every area in our lives.

In BodyMaitre, we will be introduced to our four bodies. We will learn to express love to the four bodies that is the vehicle for our soul to accomplish our divine and soul purpose on Earth, physically.  We will also work with our four bodies to identify and clear negative and discordant energies, limiting, disempowering and negative beliefs and programming that constantly block us from expressing our highest potential.

BodyMaitre Group Clearing & Free Talk

This is a group session for those want to find out more what is BodyMaitre and how can it help you to access the inate and natural wisdom within our bodies. You will also experience group attunement meditation and clearing within this session.

Abundance Exchange: Free

Date: Thursday, 5th July 2012 7pm to 9pm


BodyMaitre Foundation Is the prerequisite to the other Core Modules. BodyMaitre Foundation introduces us to Archangel Metatron, whom we will be working with actively.  We will also be introduced to channelling by using Divine Life Map “生命灵示图 as a medium to we work with Angels. You will also learn how to receive daily advices from Angelic Realm related to your relationship with yourself and with others such as your loved one.

Date: Saturday, 7th July 2012 –  11am to 5pm


In BodyMaitre HeartMetta we connect with our Emotional Body, to find any fear-based emotions that we may be holding within and release them.  We will also experience an attunement process that will help us to connect better with our Emotional Body. We will learn to communicate with our Emotional Body and identify solutions to reclaim the light and love to our Emotional Body. In this practical session, we will be able to use the Divine Heart Map “情素灵示图to identify the suppressed energies  that are held within our emotional body in relation to areas of money, wealth, career, love relationship and abundance. We will also able to find out the necessary love-based emotion energy suggested by Divine Sources that will help us to hold and bring success to our manifestation process.

Date: Sunday, 8th July 2012 11am to 5pm

In BodyMaitre BodyMetta, we will get acquainted with the physical aspect of our light bodies. We will learn how to re-establish the divine connection and rebuild a stronger relationship and between our Physical Body and the Personality with help from the Divine Physical Map “身体灵示图 . We will discover what are the lower energies that our Physical Body is holding, clear them and identify solutions to reclaim the light and love in our Physical Body. We will also reconnect with our various body systems to access the different negative energies that we have unknowingly held in the organs and body parts, and learn to release the negative energies with vibration of love.

Date: Monday, 9th July 2012 11am to 5pm


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BodyMaitre Foundation – HKD1200 plus you get to bring along a friend for free.
BodyMaitre HeartMetta – HKD2000 per person.
BodyMaitre BodyMetta – HKD2000 per person


Learning Package

If you sign up for:

Foundation + HeartMetta = HKD2700 per person

Foundation + HeartMetta + BodyMetta = HKD4200 per person

 BodyMaitre 4-Bodies EnergyDetox Programme

This programme comprises of 3 Personalized One-on-One private sessions. Each session take approximately 2 hours to complete the assessment, clearing and healing. The one month programme fee is HKD2800.

* The EnergyDetox programme is for those who are seeking for an quick and fast relief from the negativity in life and experiences, and have desire to infuse positive love vibration into the bodies. You are likely to experience the positive effect immediately after the first session.

Click here for details explanation of what will you experience during the session.


Profile of Facilitators

Jennifer Lim, Hoi Kok Wai and Darreck Chen

BodyMaitre and Metatron Manifestation was founded by Darreck Chen, who has Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder (OCD) since early childhood, has overcome the challenges in his early years after years of self-healing and practicing self-mastery

Kok Wai, is a co-founder of BodyMaitre and gets immense pleasure and joy in sharing this modality with all, whether it is in private consultations or in workshops.

Kok Wai is passionate about BodyMaitre and excitedly share the knowledge and wisdom with others while, always, working with it on himself. As he embraces the never-ending evolution of knowledge and wisdom, he believes that BodyMaitre provides a wonderfully effective avenue for the application and integration work that is very relevant to present time towards the evolution of his Soul and expression on Earth. BodyMaitre is all about reclaiming love and self-empowerment towards ourselves, that which each of us must learn and realise individually, in order to reclaim control over our experiences on Earth and as a Divine Spark of Creation.

He actively shares and teaches Reiki as well, as facilitating private consultation and for clients and students from Malaysia and abroad.

Kok Wai feels gratitude for the Love, the abundance of life’s blessings and constant support, from the Universe and All around him.

Jennifer is the founder of Lifeworks Venture, Malaysia. Born and bred in Penang, and returned to the island after graduating from an Australian university she decided to walk the path of self-realization. Over the past years she devoted much of her time and energy in studying about energy work, spirituality and metaphysical subjects.

She started the Goddess Work Path in the year 2004, when she received her first channeling message from Kuan Yin.

She is inspired by Mark Twain’s belief that “twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did!” With that in mind she follows her heart and lives for the moment.

Jennifer also the co-founder of BodyMaitre.

What is blocking a person to be an ethical driver?

What is blocking a person to be an ethical driver?

When I was on my way home, a car was speeding right behind me. The driver kept on sounding his horn and flashing his headlights over me, signaling me to let him pass.

In my mind, I was thinking, I am driving at the speed of 90km per hour and it is the speed limit on the high way, it may appear as if there is no reason for me to let him pass? Because he can always choose to overtake me any time since there was no car in the 2nd lane if he is in the hurry.

The way he acted is, showing me that I was blocking his way and asking me to drive onto the side lane and let him pass.

After thinking about it, I decided to drive over to the 2nd lane and let him “speed”.

The reason is simply, I value my life!

I was thinking, maybe this guy wants to show off?

Afterwards when I was back home, I picked up my BodyMaitre Divinity Map and decided to ask my guide, what’s the reason causing this driver to behave in this way?

The finding was:

1. Physical Body > Nervous System holding energy caused by impatience. (These will cause the person to be easily reactive with impatient actions)

2. Emotional Body > suppressing Incensed negative feeling. (Easily triggers incense emotionally when he sees something not according to what he wanted)

3. Mental Body > subconscious mind having sociopathic and lack of integration inner-child programme. (Programmes that make him behave like a child and try to act differently in comparison to the norms.)

This gave me a bigger picture as to why this person reacted and behaved in such a way when it came to the ethic of driving. His 4 bodies, were been holding energy toxins in each of his bodies and this was more than just a psychology (mental) issue.

From his point of view, obviously he had no awareness that his 4 bodies are actually sick. He might be feeling good while he think that he did the right thing…

4 Aspects of the Soul Body – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Body

Being aware of self what are blocking the four aspects of the soul is important, without self awareness it can be easily causing harm to self and worse to others.



今天早上,一辆时速140 尾追和紧贴在我的车后面,一直打灯和响笛。我看看一下我的时速,90,高速公路的顶速。。没问题?

他如果要快的话,可以割我的车, 为什么要紧贴我的车尾呢?



就用BodyMaitre 灵示图问一问,到底这个司机为什么会有这样的行为呢?


1. 身体神经系统 (Physical Body, Nervous System)藏有急躁 IMPATIENCE  负能量。

2. 心智体 (Mental Body) 潜意识里有社会病SOCIOPATHIC, 内在小孩INNER CHILD程序 (programmes)

3. 情绪体 (Emotional Body) 压制著激怒Incensed 负情绪。