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Psychic Attacks – Part 2

Psychic Attacks – Part 2

Continuing on psychic attacks, let’s take a look at curses.

We are driving happily along the road.  Suddenly, a car veers into our lane barely missing collecting our fender.  What would we do?  Chances are we react.  Not only do we blast our horn, we would in all likelihood let go an expletive worthy of a “bleep” on national television.  And to top that off nicely, curse the driver.  We have just psychically attacked the driver of the other vehicle.

A seemingly common daily occurrence like that is a psychic attack.  We would have sent the driver either psychic needles, psychic darts or psychic bullets, depending on the intensity of our energies when we let go our expletive.  Plus the curse is also a psychic attack.  The energy of the curse would be lodged in the other driver’s energy bodies.  We all attack other people psychically everyday (and get attacked too) and chances are we don’t even know we are doing that.  Likewise, we are also constantly subject to psychic attacks and chances are those sending us psychic attacks are not even aware they are attacking us psychically.  Therefore, it is important for us to be aware of our thoughts and be very vigilant of our thoughts, so that we think first before sending out negative thoughts which would become a psychic attack on others.

Did you also know that we can attack ourselves psychically?  We are doing something and did it the long way instead of the shorter method.  When we realise that, chances are we will chide ourselves “Stupid me!  Why didn’t I think of that?”  That, in itself, is a psychic attack on ourselves.  The energies will be lodged in our energy bodies as psychic needles, darts or bullets and even curses.  Yes, we can attack ourselves psychically and yes, we indeed have to be careful with our thoughts.

5 reasons why our loving kindness towards people that we love can be diminished in seconds

5 reasons why our loving kindness towards people that we love can be diminished in seconds

Love, is a divinely positive energy, also the source of life for all living beings.

When we are lacking in how-to express love, without love it becomes replaced with fear.

Everyone on earth knows that love is important. Everyone will also try their best to express love towards the people they love. But, you may start thinking, why is my love to them being rejected or diminished easily?

Reason 1 – Clinging on to the past not knowing how to let go of the past mistakes

Your lover may subconsciously still be holding onto your “fault”, “wrong” or “mistakes”.  In his/her mind, they are still unconsciously holding onto the past memories. When time flies, every mistake accumulated can became the baggage in the subconscious mind. That’s why your love to him/her is being suppressed by the past “mistakes”.

Reason 2 – A Mixing Love.

Loving someone… is a pure act.

The divine love…., that is so pure and without mixing of any form of fear energies. It is a form of pure love, with joy and no fear. When we are fearful of losing our loved one, the love that we have, becomes contaminated.

When we are expressing contaminated love towards our loved one .. the love that expressing toward your loved one, is not pure anymore.

Reason 3 – When “being in Love” becomes a habit.

We all love to be in love, this habit is started when we are first born into this world as a baby. Our parents love us unconditionally. When we are older, we simply just hope to maintain that sense of being loved but we do not know how to apply the effort of learning how to love our self and others.

Reason 4 – Shame for the Adult Love.

Many Asian families are fearful of expressing their love to the people they care about. Including their children, family members and friends. It is simply because; to express the love in front of the people is sometimes considered a form of a shameful act. Eventually the love to their loved one is replaced by giving through materials needs.

Reason 5 – When there’s a lack of self love, how do you give love to others?

We used to say, I love my own lover, family, children and friends. If you think with your logical mind, if it is love, why is there so many conflicts between the people I love? Why does the love I give affect my mind, body and spirit?

So, there’s only one reason , the love that you giving to others, is conditional love.  When there’s lack of self love, the love to others naturally becomes conditioned by fear.




当我们对自己缺乏爱的表达的时候,爱的逆向 – 恐惧的能量就顺势产生。



您的爱人,潜意识上对你还存有介怀。在他的心中,因为对于在以前所发生的的旧事,他可能认为那时您的错有很多,久而久之,每个错,在岁月累积下,变成一种潜意识的负担。所以,您给他的爱,被在“介怀” 下的负能量给压下了。

因缘之二, 掺杂了恐惧的爱。







因缘之五, 自己没有爱,如何给别人爱?



Question & Answer – When one mentioned that there are 4 bodies and when you try to communicate with your 4 bodies, who are you at that moment ?

Question & Answer – When one mentioned that there are 4 bodies and when you try to communicate with your 4 bodies, who are you at that moment ?

A friend who have wrote in question about 4 bodies system, thought it is interesting to share it here.

[message_box title=”” color=”red”]A question to ask : When one mentioned that there are 4 bodies and when you try to communicate with your 4 bodies, who are you at that moment ? Since you are also trying to connect to the Higher Self (superconcious) and not using the concious mind for messages from the 4 bodies? I think you mentioned its the personality, would that be the same as I AM consciousness ?[/message_box]

My Answer:

We have 5 major bodies, which is Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and the Personality Body when a soul choose to experience life on earth.

The Personality body is the representative of the other 4 bodies.

If the 4 bodies are imbalances, or causing lot of harm or abuse, it will reflected in the personality body, and causing lot of challenges and issues in our external life. Such as relationship, money, career challenges.

In order to have a harmony life, or success career, money etc. The personality body must be able to have awareness to look into the 4 bodies. Which we called self love. or at least communicate them.

Unfortunately most of the people mis-understand the meaning of self-love and only able to provide the needs to the personality body, and neglected the rest of the bodies needs.

When the personality body connect to the higher self, which also refer as super-conscious mind, as part of the mental body, it help us to gain wisdom and love to run our life. But, what if the sub-conscious mind, the information store house full of destructive and limiting programming, it will definitely sabotaging the connection and interaction process between the conscious, subconscious and Superconscious minds.  In this case, no matter how spiritual or psychic the person is.

That why we can see many lightworkers who are in the spiritual / new age circle suffering challenges or lessons manifested within the 4 bodies, when they only focusing on spiritual body.

If we wanted to learn how to communicate with higher self, or wisdom self, for the purpose of guidance, we must know how to examine what is blocking the connection within the 4 bodies,  which can be quite a number of blocks within. such as, fear, injustice, worry, doubt programming. if we wanted to put into human languages, they can be categories more than 400 over types of subconscious programming which is listed in the MindMetta Module pendulum charts (心智灵示图).

From the 400 over types of programming, it will manifested into infinite combinations of life lessons on earth.

I AM consciousness refer to one of the consciousness level, there are infinite level of wisdom or consciousness out there, in order to achieve I AM level, the basic requirement is cultivation of love and mastery the lessons manifested within the  4 bodies system.

It is impossible for a human to reach the I AM level or Ascended Master level if just focusing awareness and love to the personality body, if without cultivation on the rest of 4 bodies.

Psychic Attacks

Psychic Attacks

A couple of years ago, I attended a workshop on Psychic Attack and Protection.  I was told I had psychic needles, psychic darts and psychic bullets in my etheric body.  In the hundreds!  I was shocked.  That was the first time I heard of psychic needles, darts and bullets.  Those psychic needles, darts and bullets were removed during the workshop.

But what is a psychic attack and what are these psychic needles, psychic darts and psychic bullets, you may ask.  To put it generally, a psychic attack is an interference with our energetic field or a psychic or energetic influence exerted on us without our permission.  Psychic attacks can be intentional and unintentional but are large unintentional.  Psychic attacks can also vary in intensity.

Very often we send negative thoughts to other people, more often unintentionally.  The intensity of those negative thoughts will get lodged in the other person’s energy field as psychic needles, psychic darts and psychic bullets.  Psychic needles would be the least intense psychic attack by thought form and psychic bullets are the most intense.

Psychic needles, darts and bullets are one of many forms of psychic attack.  There are other forms of psychic attacks which include curses, negative elementals, psychic implements, negative implants, psychic vampirism, and attacks by spirits hereditary spirits, earthbound spirits, wild nature spirits, addicted spirits and elemental spirits.  These other form of psychic attacks will be the subject of future articles.

For now, let’s take a look at psychic needles, darts and bullets, the most common form of psychic attack.  When we are under psychic attack, those of us who are sensitive to energy can feel it.  For those of us who can’t sense or feel a psychic attack, some of the symptoms of psychic attacks to look out for include feelings of anxiety, a sense of impending doom, depressions, sensations or pressure in the chakras, sharp and sudden pains, bad dreams, disturbed sleep, headaches, migraines, discomfort, dis-ease, feeling drained, fatigued or tired.  (If you feel drained, fatigued or tired and you’ve been partying hard and late and not getting enough rest, chances are it is not a psychic attack…).

It is good practice to clear ourselves of psychic needles, darts and bullets from our energetic bodies.  It is like cleaning our physical bodies, like picking out stuff stuck in our hair or other stuff stuck on our bodies.  Psychic needles, darts and bullets can interfere with our energy system and cause an imbalance in our energetic bodies, particularly in our etheric body.    Most times, psychic needles, darts and bullets are found lodged in our chakras.  However, they can also be found lodged in other parts of the body (in the etheric body).

How do we remove psychic needles, darts and bullets?  I have learned several methods or clearing myself of psychic needles, darts and bullets.  One effective and yet simple to use method is by dowsing to find out if I have psychic needles, darts and bullets.  If I have them, I will then dowse to find out where in my energetic bodies those psychic needles, darts and bullets are lodged.  I have found them in my chakras and various body parts, such as, shoulder blade, the back, and abdomen.  Once the locations are identified, I go within in meditation and, working with the Ascended Masters from the Light, visualise those psychic needles, darts and bullets deactivated, neutralised and finally removed from my four body system.

I also protect myself from psychic attacks by calling for energetic protection.  There are various methods of energetic protection.  Use the ones you are comfortable with.  For me, I call for the Bubble of Golden White Light as well as the Giant Platinum Net.  Energetic protection does help to a large extent to keep negative energies out of our energy system, but we have to recognise that the energetic protection that we call for are only as good as we stay in a positive frame of mind and in equanimity.  The moment we have a negative thought or run negative emotions, the energetic protection will dissolve and cease to function.  I call for protection again, as soon as I realise I have had a negative thought or I had experienced some negative emotions.  We have to be vigilant of our thoughts.  Another way to protect ourselves from external negative influence or psychic attacks is to work with our four-body system to ensure that all four bodies are balanced.  A balanced energetic body resonates at a high frequency.  It is when the frequency of our energetic bodies drop that we become vulnerable to external negative influence or psychic attacks.

These days, in addition to my own practice of energetic protection and clearing of external negative influence or psychic attacks, I am also working with BodyMetta, HeartMetta, MindMetta and SoulMetta to keep my four bodies balanced and thus not only feeling good but also protecting myself and my four-bodies system form external negative influence or psychic attacks.  In SoulMetta particularly, you would be able to identify the type of external negative influence or psychic attacks on your etheric body and organs and you will of course learn how to clear and remove them from your etheric body and organs.

There is a lot more to psychic attacks and the materials could fill a book.  In SoulMetta, you will explore in greater detail and depth other forms of psychic attacks and how to clear them and protect yourself from them.  In the meantime, I hope this brief article has given you an idea or synopsis of psychic attacks in the form of psychic needles, darts and bullets.