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Self Love? 自爱…爱自己? 一个一生一世的约会.

Self Love? 自爱…爱自己? 一个一生一世的约会.





  1. 吃好一点,让这个肉体满足一点。
  2. 外国旅行,让心情轻松一下。
  3. 更换最新的智能电话,让脑袋得到最新的知讯。
  4. 沉醉于最新的心灵书,让我的心灵得到充实。
  5. 对别人好,让别人也好。



  1. 好像肉体满足到胖了。
  2. 外国旅行,也不整样轻松。
  3. 更换最新电子产品,太多垃圾知讯,反而工作效率减少。
  4. 电子心灵书,反而读多了,不知所措。
  5. 对别人好,但反咬一口。







  1. 胖了,是因为“情绪体”在吃,太怀念美味的食物。
  2. 不轻松,是因为脑袋太过顾虑。
  3. 工作效率减少,是因为玩App 便成习惯。
  4. 读多了,反而脑袋过于吸收信息而不知如何分解。
  5. 对别人好,因为是有条件的爱。









试想深层一点,其实,差不多全球的人都是这样吧,没有先爱自己,都把爱给了别人先,但。。如果对自己的四身没爱,如何给别人呢。。? 各种各样的问题,烦恼就接踵而来。

这。。就是群众意识吧(Mass Consciousness)。




Metatron Manifestation Private Consultation

Metatron Manifestation Private Consultation

W e create and manifest our reality with our thoughts and beliefs. Each thought send a very powerful wave and send out different frequency. Whenever we choose to have a particular thought or belief, be it a positive or negative one, we oftentimes unconsciously attach energy to the thought or belief, so much so that over time the particular belief or thought becomes ‘charged’ and active.

Most people are unconsciously holding energy to limiting thoughts and beliefs whilst consciously attempting to ‘think positive’. In this situation, the energy from positive thinking is often cancelled out or negated by the energy attached to the negative thought or belief. This explains why people often do not fully succeed in manifesting or creating the reality that they want.


Energy, be it positive or negative, cannot be destroyed.  It can however, be transmuted and transformed from a lower to a higher vibration.  To fully create and manifest the reality that we want, we will need to transmute the energy we have attached to our unconscious limiting thoughts and beliefs, thereby transforming the energy from negative to positive by changing electrical and magnetic field in our heart and brain.

Metatron Manifestation is a very powerful and effective energy transmutation process guided by Archangel Metatron, the Memory Record Keeper.


In this guided process, Archangel Metatron will help us to channel the Metatron Ray into our Light body (Energy Fields, Heart and Brain), to identify and retrieve the limiting thoughts and beliefs from unconscious self and memory bank, and to transmute any attached energy into a higher and positive vibration.

If you have any of the following issues, this session may help you to overcome them:

  • Repetitive or deep seated patterns of negative feelings or emotions toward self and others
  • Negative thoughts and unconscious limiting beliefs blocking to attract money, health, or well-being
  • Persistent or stubborn issues relating to fear, hate, anger, guilt, or in love / relationships.


Here’s how you can benefit from this session:

  • Spirituality – Release resistance towards experiencing your connection with your own divinity;
  • Self-Esteem – Discover and release limiting childhood or parental beliefs rooted in your sub-conscious mind.
  • Relationship – Discover hidden issues that are adversely affecting your relationships
  • Prosperity – letting go of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about money and creating a prosperity mindset
  • Health/Body – Discover and reprogram thought forms and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from optimal health and vitality
  • Grief – Resolve painful memories that difficult to let go and finding the way to peace and joy.
  • Mass Consciousness – Manipulate and remove collective negativity from the mass consciousness and energy attached to your past experiences – Transform to thousand folds of positive vibration




BodyMaitre Private Consultation

BodyMaitre Private Consultation

What is 4-bodies System?

It refers to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Etheric Bodies.

When any of your bodies’ out-of-sync and imbalances, the following issues may appear to you:

  • You may start feeling uneasy or uncomfortable but you can’t tell where and why
  • Emotional body easily affected by people words, action and energy
  • Mental body clinging on negative thought forms
  • Spiritual body disconnected from soul and God due to blockages
  • Low Energy and vibrations, easily get ill and sick
  • Diseases started building up in spiritual and etheric body, and slowly manifest to physical body


In this private session, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Reading – Conditions of your mental, physical, emotional and soul level of energy blockages and root causes
  • Clearing – Your Energy blockages, psychic wounds, aura cracks, chakras, vows, curses, entities and discarnate in your bodies
  • Healing – Apply vibrations healing and sealing of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.



BodyMaitre Courses

BodyMaitre Courses

BodyMaitre Courses

BodyMaitre presently comprises 5 core modules and 2 advanced modules.  The 5 core modules are:

  • BodyMaitre Foundation
  • BodyMaitre BodyMetta
  • BodyMaitre HeartMetta
  • BodyMaitre MindMetta
  • ModyMaitre SoulMetta

While the advanced modules are:

  • BodyMaitre Mastership
  • Metatron Manifestation


BodyMaitre Foundation Is the prerequisite to doing the other Core Modules, BodyMaitre Foundation introduces us to Archangel Metatron, with whom we will be working.  We will also be introduced to channelling and dowsing using the pendulum and divine guidance charts as the tools we work with with BodyMaitre.

In BodyMaitre BodyMetta, we will get acquainted with the physical aspect of our light bodies and establish the divine connection between our Physical Body and us, the Personality.  We will find out the types of lower energies that our Physical Body is holding, clear those lower energies and identify solutions for reclaiming our light and love to our Physical Body.

In BodyMaitre HeartMetta we connect with our Emotional Body, finding out fear-based emotions that we are holding within.  We will also learn to communicate with our Emotional Body and identify solutions for reclaiming the light and love to our Emotional Body.

In BodyMaitre MindMetta, we will get to know our Mental Body to research and find out what kind of limiting and even destructive programming we hold in our minds.  There are over 400 types of limiting and destructive unconscious programming that is being or have been programmed into our minds by mass consciousness.

BodyMaitre SoulMetta introduces us to the Soul aspect of our light bodies.  We explore and establish the divine connection with our Spiritual Body.  We will research and find out blocks, interferences, other soul energies and programming that do not belong to us and which could be blocking us to receiving clear Divine guidance in our life.   We will be communicating with our Spiritual Body and identifying solutions for reclaiming the light and love to our Spiritual Body.

BodyMaitre Mastership, the first of the two advanced BodyMaitre modules combines and integrates all the Core Modules into one complete clearing and healing system for our four bodies.  We will also learn how to give a full and complete reading, clearing and healing for ourselves, family, friends and clients.  All 5 BodyMaitre Core Modules must have been completed in order to take this module.

Metatron Manifestation is the other advanced BodyMaitre module.  It integrates our personality with our four-body system to working on the manifestation of our life purpose.  In Metatron Manifestation, we will be introduced to Metatron’s Cube and learn to work with Metatron’s Cube to manifest our life purpose.  We will also learn how to instantly transform any form of lower, fear-based, unproductive and destructive energies, thought forms and programming into positive, love-based, productive energies with the help of Metatron’s Rays and Metatron’s Cube.  We will also learn how to combine all the modules together to give a full and complete BodyMaitre and Metatron Manifestation session to your family, friends and clients.


Founder & Teacher

BodyMaitre was founded by Darreck Chen, who has Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder (OCD) since early childhood, has overcome the challenges in his early years.

After years of self-healing and practicing self-mastery, Darreck, who is now an experienced Reiki Teacher, Intuitive Channels, Vibration Facilitator, Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring practitioner.  He is also the founder and teacher of Soul Memories, a dowsing technique to communicate with wisdom self and Archangel Metatron to find out details of present life challenges, and spiritual/earthly lessons.

What is BodyMaitre?

What is BodyMaitre?

What Is BodyMaitre?

B odyMaitre is a system to help people to identify negative energies in each of their bodies in their 4-body system, identify the negative energies and dissolve it through self awareness (Wisdom) and metta (Love).

We absorb lots of negative energy in our daily life from family, friends, colleagues, the working environment and generally the environment that we live in.  We also undeniably created a lot of negative energies ourselves too.  These negative energies have the potential to create problems, issues and challenges for us, in all areas of our lives from our relationships to health, money and career.

BodyMaitre is a system and tool to help us understand why and what are blocking us to love and success in every area in our life, be it health issues, money challenges, relationship issues, traumas or career blockages.

In BodyMaitre, we will be introduced to our four bodies and learn to love our four bodies, for the four bodies make up the vehicle for our soul for us to accomplish our divine and soul purpose on Earth.  We will also work with our four bodies to clear negative and discordant energies, limiting and negative beliefs and programming that is blocking us from expressing our highest potential.