Testimonials from BodyMaitre Workshop, Private Session and Retreat.

“I attended the BodyMaitre Retreat Penang organised by Darreck, Kok Wai and Jennifer in May 2012. It was an eye opening and an amazing retreat for me. I learned so much about myself within that short few days which I will treasure for the rest of my life. For the first time I learned about the existence of my 4 body system and the critical roles they play in my life. The retreat made me realised how much I had neglected them in the past, which led to the problems and issues I faced in life. I am very grateful to have the chance to attend this retreat and give myself that much needed wake up call to take charge and change my life for the better. The facilitators also helped me clear energies that were blocking me from achieving my goals. Thank you so much Darreck, Kok Wai and Jennifer for all your love, support and guidance during and after the retreat. I highly recommend anyone who wants to make a positive change to their lives to attend the BodyMaitre classes. I have had such an incredible experience with BodyMaitre that I now want to deepen my knowledge/understanding about it and am interested to attend more BodyMaitre Workshops in the near future.”

Mong Ling, Australia


“I attended the BodyMaitre Retreat in May 2012 in Penang. It was a refreshing retreat that taught me many things about myself. I enjoyed the retreat because it was fun, mind blowing and the best was the content was personalised to me.

I never realised doing what I thought was good or right for me, more often than not, I’m hurting my other bodies and myself.

My eyes were opened during the retreat and I am more conscientious of my four bodies now. I really appreciate Kok Wai, Darreck and Jennifer for holding the retreat and being very patient with all my questions. This course is highly recommended to anyone who wants a truly happy and fulfilled life.”

Hai Liang, Australia



The retreat was fun and informative. It’s helped me aware of the blocks that are separating me from my goals. The best part was the interactive and reflective activities that shown me how to communicate with my 4 bodies. Besides, the heartfelt discussion with the group and the facilitators was truly inspiring.

I brought my open mind to the retreat and got back a wonderful and uplifting experience. Thanks to Derreck for this marvelous modality and thanks Kok Wai and Jenn for their wit and coaching.

For someone who is always tense and consumed with thoughts, I find it difficult to connect to my subconscious mind and understand how it is influencing my behavior. Coming to this workshop, I’ve learnt some useful tools to uncover my mind thoughts and limited beliefs. I’m hopeful that by practicing the techniques, I can remove some mental clutters and reaching out to dreams.

I would recommend BodyMaitre to anyone seeking an answer to evasive goals in life

Anonymous, Hong Kong


重复此课, 我更加的了解四体的联系, 也较深入的明白BODY MAITRE 这个方法的作用
老师要求写下自己的GOAL, 才发现自己一点的DESIRE都没有。。。 对人生的目标一点都没有。。。
在MUSCLE TESTING 时, 发现自己的四个身体都没有什么动力和衝力, 也发现自己原来还有很多的内在情绪纠缠。。感觉有很无力的感觉。 。
重复检查自己的四体, 发现原来自己一直在阻隔所有的外缘。。。在老师的教导下,清理, 清理
认真的把四个身体翻转出来, 感觉好累好累。。。 好像所有细胞都累坏了。。。老师说是排毒, 排吧, 让所有负面都排出去。。。可怜的四体。。好重好重。。
除了灵摆, MUSCLE TESTING, 老师也指导如何用香精油 ( 自然因数) 。。索取大自然的能量来清理。。排毒

意识体, 对我来说, 是最为陌生的一个, 感觉思想是和我在一起, 但却好像和我没有什么关系。。 如今, 好好的去认识及和他沟通, 还是发现, 好像所有想法都是一项个体,
都不是我所能主导, 用灵摆查到很多很多的负面思想, 无意识中, 我什么时候吸取了这么多的负能量? 好多好多需要清理。。 我感觉好累, 这感觉, 又是谁导入的呢?
今天的课程,让我重新的认识我自己, 原来, 对于我的意识, 我并没有好好的保护及SRPING CLEANING, 对不起了。。赶紧查看。。 清理清理。。

灵体, 我一直以为和他最为靠近, 最为亲切, 好像我的人生中都一直在滋补这个体, 我以为今天的课一定是士气高昂, 灵体也许有什么要让我知道或鼓励鼓励。。。 但是, 原来灵体却有这么多自身的伤, 备受攻击, 可怜的灵体。。感觉他好孤单。。 好无助。。不知要如何帮助他。。。这么多以前的毒素, Metatron, 修补, 修补。。。

—- 谢谢DARREK 及 KOK WAI 老师的辛苦, 一直在指导我们如何清理,如何检查。。 谢谢我四个体, 努力的推动我去上课, 好像他们还很合作, 让灵体及意识体先来处理。。 下一回, 就轮到身体及情绪体了。。 期待着。。。 谢谢所有的因缘, 当然, 最谢谢我的老板。。 特别批准我的假期。。 谢谢谢谢一切的因缘。。。。。。

Caryn, Malaysia


MindMetta, is the most difficult one to know and learn. This module challenged us to see what we are thinking, base on freedom or control, love or frustrated. The different is when we are able to let go, I find the outcome becomes more power. It can help us let go of tension.

e.g. When 10 years ago, I was new in my current work. I had thought that in order to to do the best, I always need to start work early, to do all the preparation work. But that just efforts base on fear or fear of being compared to other fellow workers.

Mind metta, is all about finding the thought and the thought behind the thought! This relatively easier with the goal to replace with the negative with positive.

Anonymous, Hong Kong


I’ve had 2 different sessions with Darreck and they’ve both been nothing but wonderful! After each, I’ve felt totally light, calm and radiating with happiness and positivity. He’s really amazing. Doing the ‘homework’ that he gave me after each session also helped me tremendously, it opened me up, made me more aware and more confident of myself. It helped me to visualise what I truly want. Even after the 21 days I still practice what I’ve learned from time to time. If you’re open and willing, I would definitely recommend a visit to see Darreck, rest assured that you won’t regret it.

– D. Tharan, Kuala Lumpur


I had a very good experience with Darreck during our session. He was spot on in his analysis of the energies held in my mental, emotional and physical body. It was a relief to know what’s been going on in those bodies and I am further inspired to take action and act on the information shared. Darreck is able to explain things in an easy to understand manner and his advice is simple and practical. Thank you Darreck for a highly beneficial session!

Private Session – Ms Lam, Singapore

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This Retreat has helped me to understand about my 4-body system, and has helped me to identify what was going on in my life. There were certain blocks in life which I could not understand of which the answers were within myself. It had helped me to identify what are some of the energy changes that I needed in order for me to achieve my goals in life. It also brought me to asking my 4 bodies what do they want. It had been a wonderful experience and I will carry these qualities and energies within me in anything that I deal with.

Retreat – Wendy Goh, Penang

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Based on the realisation from our private session, i was able to process the information on my own. This week, no more itchy/pimply scalp already!Your modality is strong on its own. So actually BodyMaitre serve as realisation tool for me.

Lam, Singapore



原来我现在才懂在我们内心世界里的我是最重要的。我会用这几天学来的BodyMaitre 来找会我自己。 让我活得开心自在,快乐幸福!

Joey, Penang


It was very enlightening. Very useful. Helps me to be more clear with goals and how to be effective to reach goals. This sessionwas very intense. A lot more to learn. We were well guided.

Ms. Kirupanithi, Penang


Can classify the energy that is not from me, that is easy to let Metatron to do the clearing. After BodyMetta, HeartMetta, MindMetta and SoulMetta more effective to see what should hold, the positive release the block.

SoulMetta Class – Melody Wan, Hong Kong


It was useful and improved our skills after practise for two days. Learnt about all the issues to with the Soul body. Look forward to learn about the other two bodies.

SoulMetta Class – Ms. Kirupanithi, Penang


It help me find out my life meaning & understand my four body better!

Foundation Class – Holly, Kuala Lumpur


Good! Learn a lot from the workshop!

Foundation Class – Geoger, Kuala Lumpur


I have learned some new knowledge. I love this kind of courses which can help me to use it in my daily life.

Foundation Class –  Yvonne, Kuala Lumpur


I have gained some new knowledge by using the pendulum to make a decision.

Foundation Class –  Kong, Kuala Lumpur


Thank you for everything! Thank you Darreck!

Sally, Kuala Lumpur


BodyMaitre 能帮助自己去看清楚自己的问题和障碍所在,然后去解决它。

Foundation Class –  Elaine,Kuala Lumpur


BodyMaitre Channeling & Dowsing methods able to guide me for better decision and move with confidence and faith.

Goon Ying, Kuala Lumpur


This is my first time experiencing BodyMaitre, its an open-eye program and I will practice it to experience more marvelous journey. Thanks and appreciate the sharing.

Shannon, Kuala Lumpur


Darreck, thank you so much for your sharing. I am aware that in the past I am anot connected to my four-body. Now I am aware that. I have to link up to work together.

Jo Chin, Kuala Lumpur

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A good bridge for my four-body to communicate and this is a chance for my higher self to express to the other four self. Good workshop to know more about myself.

Heng, Kuala Lumpur.


I am glad and say thank you from myself, my body. For able to attend today class.

To learn more about myself.

Thank you Darreck from my heart.

Kristal, Kuala Lumpur.


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