Have You Talked To Your Bodies Recently?

We, as humans have a four body system, each body plays an important role.

The Physical Body

We have 13 major organ systems in our human physical body. The organs work together systematically to keep us alive, harmonious and active and, each plays a specific role related to our health and development.

When we find out that our physical body is experiencing illness, disease, sickness, or even cancer, the initial tendency is shock, sadness and perhaps even thoughts and feelings of anger towards our bodies; blaming the bodies for us not being well! For those who are experiencing a more serious case of health challenge, they may find they have to go to hospital and ask the doctor to “diagnose” the distressed organs and to see what has gone wrong. If the doctor finds something unusual like cancer cells or tumors it is likely that the doctor will recommend an operation to cut it off. Another form of treatment offered might be something like “chemotherapy” to kill off all the cells, including the good ones along with the bad ones.

The Emotional Body

The Emotional body is very dynamic.  It allows us to express any form of feeling and expression. The most common type of emotions are happiness, joy, love, sadness, unhappiness, anger, frustration, or just feeling low.

If we really want to put this body into human words, we have more than 400 types of emotions. And most of us are not aware of it or even how to master it.

The Mental Body

A typical human being has as average of 40,000 to 80,000 thought forms a day. Out of these thought forms, more than 80% are negative thought forms!  Most of us have been programmed with different types of beliefs, mental scripts, and perception by the society, family, government, media, friends, or loved ones. These influence us even if they have a productive or destructive outcome. Unfortunately, most of the programming has a negative effect in our life.

The Spiritual Body

There are many terms in the spiritual movement for the Spiritual Body, some call it Soul, Aura, Energy Fields, Higher Body, or Light Body.

It is the body that cannot be seen by the physical human eye, of course, a very small amount of people may be able to see it with their higher psychism.

Are you aware that all your bodies have their own intelligence, wisdom and consciousness?

If we are physically not well, the body organs will try whatever way possible to tell us and warm us?

For example, The Liver is inflamed.

Liver: ‘Hey, you have been expressing too much anger and it is being stored in me now! ‘

Your liver obviously is unable to express to you through human words. But he is trying the best to let you know in whatever way possible, such as making physical liver pain for you. Or, telling the emotional body, ‘Hey bro, please express feelings of uneasy to that Muggle. Let him know I am sick.’ The emotional body would then say ‘Oh sure body, let me express an uneasy feeling to warm him!’ But you are still not sure why you are feeling uneasy and keep on ignoring the physical pain and uneasy feeling.

So what happens is the Liver gets frustrated  and communicates with the mental body,’My dear bro, can you do me a favour? Send some thought forms to that muggle about how sick I am.’

The mental body is likely to say, ‘Sure bro, let me create some “thinking” for him, so that he is aware of you’ So after a while, you start to indulge in a series of thought forms about liver, but you create even more fear about your liver.  So on top of this you have affected the other bro, the emotional body.

The emotional body is going to say ‘Hey you are attracting fear to me! And hurting me. Stop making fear to me! It hurts!’

The physical body;  Liver says, ‘OMG, its hurting me even more now, now I have Anger and Fear in me. I am even more sick!!!’


A muggle… like us, who does not have the “magic” abilities, to communicate between their bodies (Brothers), and keep on allowing the external factors to control our bodies.

–  like an angery client that shout at you. It affects your emotional body. Makes you feel angry in the emotional body, creating angry thoughts in the mental body and holds anger and hate in the physical body.

– Your husband or wife made some mistakes, and you tell your bodies, don’t forgive this person.  Now I want you to create unforgiving thoughts in the mental body, express hurt and unforgiveness in the emotional body, and hold anger and injustice in the physical body.

– or your loved one is feeling upset towards you because they believe you are doing something silly. So that you believe you are silly and useless, and the rest of the bodies also start doing the same, by installing silly thoughts into the mental body, expressing stupidity in the emotional body and holding hurt in one of the organ.

We, as human, have lost touch with the ability to talk to our bodies, simply because we are too focused on our life experiences; e.g., how to be rich, how to find someone to love us, how to hurt other people by initiating war (no matter it is personal relationship war or country war) and so on.

But, until the end, we are hurting ourselves the most by still focusing our life externally forgetting to express simple awareness, love and compassion toward our bodies.  All because we don’t tend to think that it is an individual integrated being, so we treat our bodies as “things”, not even as animals, or friends.

My Dear friends, if you want to feel great, happy and joyful you need to talk to your emotional body, tell it what you want. And find out why it is feeling bad.

If you want your physical body healthy, talk to it, find out what its need and how you hurt  it previously, apologise to it and show your love to it.

If you want your mental body to think positively, instead of clinging onto attack or fear thoughts, talk to your mental body and find out what programming and destructive scripts need to remove and, what type of positive programmes need to replaced.

If you want your Aura and spiritual body to shine with love and light, then please talk to it, see what it needs to clear, there are many unseen things that can be held in your etheric body, like psychic wounds, your  aura leaking, or even psychic needles, due to psychic attack from yourself and others.

If you want to learn your life lessons, or soul lessons, or simply want to have an abundant life, talk to your body vehicles first, love them and they will love you back and manifest for you.