A story of sharing and receiving.

George, a spiritual, sincere and an honest guy, likes to help people and always like to share the good things with people around him.

One day, after he watched an inspiring play, he felt he had learned a lot from the play about life and spirituality.  Inspired, George started sharing passionately with his family and friends about how good the play was.  After hearing George’s sharing, many of his family and friends went to watch the play.

One day, George asked God, “God, I am an honest, sincere and spiritual person.  I like to share good things with other people.  But why do I still have difficulty in receiving abundance?  Why do I still have money issues and so much debts to clear?”

George asked further, “God, can you open up the channel of abundance of wealth and money for me?”

God heard his prayer.  “Sure, I will open up a stream of abundance of wealth to you.”

Working in unseen ways, God “fixed” it that the producer of the play heard about George’s passionate sharing about the play and promoting the play.  Because of George’s sharing and promoting the play (which was somewhat obscure and was running to low ticket sales), ticket sales increased significantly for the play.  Seeing how George had managed to help promote the play, the producer met up with George and made him a proposal, “From today on, if you continue to share the movie with other people, you will receive $10 for each person you introduce to watch the play.”

George thought about the proposal but rejected the offer.

One day later, George asked God again, “Why are my prayers still not answered as I have so many bills waiting to be paid?”

God replied, “I opened up the opportunity for you but you rejected it.”

George said, “I rejected the proposal from the producer of the play because I thought I couldn’t do it for money.  It is not spiritual.  Besides, I am shy to tell people how good the play is if I accepted the proposal to earn some money.  I would then be promoting the play for money.”

God then asked George, “Is sharing your goodness and good things for money bad and not spiritual?”

George was silent at first.  George thought about God’s question and then replied hesitantly, “No…”

God then asked, “Why then do you think it is not spiritual to receive abundance while sharing the goodness of something?”

George thought about what God said and decided that he will take up the offer proposed by the producer of the play.

The next day, George contacted the producer of the play and accepted the offer.

He started to tell everyone about the play, but the people he told about the play were not interested.  As a result, he did not receive any money for his efforts.

George asked God again, ”Dear God, why is it that I am still not receiving any income as I have shared how good the play is with friends and other people but they are not interested?”

God asked George, “Are you sharing how good the play is whole-heartedly with passion and sincerity?”

After thinking about it, George replied, “Not really.  I was thinking how much I could earn to settle my bills when I was sharing about the play with my friends and other people.”

God then said, “That’s the point, George.  Your four-body are not sharing the movie whole-heartedly and with passion and sincerity.  Your friends must have felt that you were not sincere and they would have felt that there must be some other intention behind your sharing.  That is why they did not feel compelled to go watch the play.”

George understood what God was saying, and he started approaching his friends and other people with sincerity and a pure heart sharing how good the play was with them.  His friends and other people felt his passion and sincerity and decided to watch the play.  With this, George started earning money from the ticket sales from his recommendation of the play.

However, George still did not understand what was different and why there was such a difference in the outcome.

God told George that George’s mental body was holding a block to abundance in the form of judgment of money and the shameful of selling through the business system.   “Your emotional body was also feeling shy to receive money by sharing the wisdom.  Your physical body neglected to open up to a passion for money and your spiritual body thought that money is not spiritual.”

God added that there is always a balance between giving and receiving.  “Once you are able to seek the balance, without any judgment to any system in this physical world, the doors will naturally open to you.  Very often many doors open for people and very seldom people are able to walk through that door as their own four bodies are having inner conflicts and are unable to see the door to opportunities clearly.”

Often times, we hold so much different kinds of judgment about the current systems in this world that we live in that are in place, such as government systems, business systems like organisations involved with trading, due to group karmic effects of the people involved, our own beliefs and even beliefs of the society that we are in.  A system is just a system.  A system based on the people involved with the system that is causing the challenges.  There are many people involved with various business systems having greed energies and unethically practices.  However, if you are able to seek the balance of giving and receiving with a sincere heart to share the goodness of any form of service and/or products for people who need it, you will eventually receive and reap the rewards from that system.  A good example of such a system where many people are still stuck in judgement and seeking the karmic balance of sharing and receiving is in network marketing or direct sales systems.

George was aware that it was his own four-body system that was blocking the flow of abundance for him and it was not due to any external factor.  George realized that he had learned a valuable lesson from God.