Singapore BodyMaitre Class Schedule for July-August 2012



66A Haji Lane Singapore 189259 (Second level)

Telephone 6299 0170


BodyMaitre is a system to help us identify negative energies in each of our body within our 4-body system. We identify the negative energies held within us and learn to dissolve them through Self Awareness (Wisdom) and Metta (Love). It is a powerful, yet simple tool that assist and support us in the transformation of our life experiences.

We constantly absorb negative energies daily from our life experiences and from the people around us – our family members, friends, colleagues, and even from environment that we work and live in as well. We do, undeniably, create a lot of these negative energies ourselves too. These negative energies have the potential to create problems, issues and challenges for us, in all areas of our lives – from our relationships to health, money, career and many more.

BodyMaitre is a system which utilises a set of divination tools like pendulum and ‘divinition maps’ to help us understand the what’s and why’s of our challenges in every area in our lives.

In BodyMaitre, we will be introduced to our four bodies. We will learn to express love to the four bodies that is the vehicle for our soul to accomplish our divine and soul purpose on Earth, physically. We will also work with our four bodies to identify and clear negative and discordant energies, limiting, disempowering and negative beliefs and programming that constantly block us from expressing our highest potential.



Monday 30 July 2012 7:15pm-9.15pm
Abundance Exchange: SGD50

Come and LISTEN to what your four bodies [physical, mental, emotional, spiritual] are actually saying about your relationship with money. For example

Mental : I need to make more money this month to cover some bills

Emotion : I am too stress to want to make any money

Physical : I just want to rest and relax I am tired of making money

Spiritual : I know the universe has abundance for me but I feel like I don’t deserve it

Who do you end up listening to? Will they ever be able to speak the same language, hold the same vision and Inner ONENESS to manifest abundane in your life? Let BodyMaitre leads you to greater harmony within you and your relationship with money.

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Wednesday 1 July 2012 7:15pm-9.15pm
Abundance Exchange: SGD50

Come and LISTEN to what your four bodies [physical, mental, emotional, spiritual] are actually saying about romance. For example


Mental : I am a lone wolf. I move about fine on my own.

Emotion : I am feeling lonely and separated from others.

Physical : I really want someone to hold me and hug me.

Spiritual : I am eager to manifest my soulmate relationship


Mental : I doubt if I am the only one he/she loves.

Emotion : I feel safe and loved when I am with him/her.

Physical :        I am afraid of physical intimacy and rejection

Spiritual : This is the one.

Who do you end up listening to? Will they ever be able to speak the same language and hold the same vision to manifest a beautiful soulmate relationship for you? Let Body Maitre leads you to greater harmony within you and your love life.

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BodyMaitre Group Clearing & Free Talk

This is a group session for those want to find out more what is BodyMaitre and how can it help you to access the inate and natural wisdom within our bodies. You will also experience group attunement meditation and clearing within this session.

Abundance Exchange: Free
Date: Thursday, 2nd August 2012
7pm to 9pm

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BodyMaitre Foundation
Date: Saturday, 4th Aug 2012 –  11am to 5pm

BodyMaitre Foundation Is the prerequisite to the other Core Modules. BodyMaitre Foundation introduces us to Archangel Metatron, whom we will be working with actively. We will also be introduced to channelling by using Divine Life Map “生命灵示图” as a medium to we work with Angels. You will also learn how to receive daily advices from Angelic Realm related to your relationship with yourself and with others such as your loved one.

BodyMaitre HeartMetta
Date: Sunday, 5th Aug 2012 11am to 5pm

In BodyMaitre HeartMetta we connect with our Emotional Body, to find any fear-based emotions that we may be holding within and release them. We will also experience an attunement process that will help us to connect better with our Emotional Body. We will learn to communicate with our Emotional Body and identify solutions to reclaim the light and love to our Emotional Body. In this practical session, we will be able to use the Divine Heart Map “情素灵示图”to identify the suppressed energies that are held within our emotional body in relation to areas of money, wealth, career, love relationship and abundance. We will also able to find out the necessary love-based emotion energy suggested by Divine Sources that will help us to hold and bring success to our manifestation process.



Course & Training Fees


Abundance Exchange

  • BodyMaitre Foundation – SGD180 plus you get to bring along a friend for free.
  • BodyMaitre HeartMetta – SGD300 per person.
  • BodyMaitre BodyMetta – SGD300 per person


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BodyMaitre 4-Bodies EnergyDetox Programme

Instant Shift of your 4-Body System from fear to love.

Feeling sluggish or out of sync? Having Emotional pain, fatigues, and worry? Or, mentally dwelling into negativity and problems easily? Straying from your healthier lifestyle lately? Having trouble kicking off your fear-based mindset? It might be time for a 4-body detox.


Are you looking for solutions for:

  • Clarity of what is blocking you to start a brand new relationship with yourself and others?
  • Clearing unwanted baggage in your 4 bodies system, from your current and past relationships, because you have the awareness that you do not want the “old” stuff to affect the “new” life that you are creating?
  • Help to cultivate and maintain positive and loving energies within yourself, and to be able to apply it to everyone you love and care about?


Every day, just by breathing, drinking and eating, we bring a wide variety of toxins into our physical body system. Some toxins build up and can remain in our body for years.

Energy Toxins build up over time

Our  body is designed to naturally eliminate negativity through its elimination energy system, i.e. the chakras and life forces system. Like any other hardworking system, it needs periodic rest and support to continue functioning optimally. Because of the way we live today, i.e. the way we think and feel, the way we let external pressures of work and environment to take over us; our energy life-force detoxification system naturally faces increasing and demanding pressure.

When our 4-body system can no longer cope with the burden of negativity,  that is energy toxins from negative feeling and thinking,  these fear-based energies begin to build up in our etheric bodies. Over time, stored energy toxins are re-circulated in the life force system causing many life challenges.

You may have already started and tried a few methods to get your physical body to be rebalanced back to optimum health. Yet, it’s very rare that people are aware about the need to detox the other aspects of our energy system – our other precious bodies called Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

The 4-Body Energy Detoxification is about cleaning, nourishing, healing and resting our energy bodies from the inside out, working through multiple layers. It is a process of removing and eliminating negativity and energy toxins, and then feeding your 4-bodys with positive energy nutrients. Detoxifying in this manner can help protect you from dis-ease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health.

Symptoms of energy toxin accumulation

Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body will send you signals when it is in need of detox:

  • Fatigue, lack of life force energy in your aura and physical body
  • Fear and worry thought forms churning out one after another in your mental body
  • Uncontrollable anger, hurt and downhearted feelings  experienced in the emotional body
  • Lack of intuition and life direction when the spiritual body is adversely affected.

Package includes:

  • 1 Session SGD166
  • 2 Sessions SGD286
    (each session take approximately 90 to 120 minutes.

* The EnergyDetox programme is for those who are seeking for an quick and fast relief from the negativity in life and experiences, and have desire to infuse positive love vibration into the bodies. You are likely to experience the positive effect immediately after the first session.

Click here for details explanation of what will you experience during the session.