What Does Self-Love Mean?

“What do you mean when you say you love yourself?”,  Darreck asked, one evening when we were having drinks (no, not alcohol but exciting tea).

“Well, I’d pamper myself, maybe go for a holiday, go buy myself something nice, have a nice meal at a nice restaurant.”, I replied.

“What else?”, Darreck continued asking.

“I suppose it also means drawing my boundaries, knowing when to say “No”, and taking care of myself.  I mean, physically.

“What about loving the other bodies?”, Darreck asked.

“What other bodies?”, I countered.

“Do you love your other bodies?”, Darreck asked further.  That set me thinking.

More often than not when we are asked how we love ourselves, we would think of pampering ourselves, treating ourselves by buying ourselves something nice, going for a holiday, having a meal in a nice restaurant or pampering ourselves in a spa.  Some of us may go a step further in taking care of our physical bodies in terms of exercise, diet and well-being.  However, the four bodies?  I am aware that we have four bodies – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (more on our four-body system later in another article).  But loving each of them as though they were individuals like how I love my family and other people?  Now, that was something new to me.

Learning BodyMaitre’s core modules with Darreck turned out to be a shift in awareness for me.  I am now more aware of my four bodies and aware that each of my four bodies has its own consciousness and intelligence.  It amazed me to find what I hold in my bodies from one issue that caused physical discomfort and even pain.  One example:  I experienced pain in my legs for no apparent reason.  When I sat down and starting working with BodyMaitre, I found out that the pain in my legs was caused by my reluctance to move forward in a couple of aspects of my life.  I was startled but it was true.  I was indeed hesitant to move forward in a couple of aspects of my life.  After checking the energies related to those issues, I found that not only did I hold energies in my physical body on those issues, I also held negative or discordant energies on the issue in my mental and emotional bodies.  These energies had stepped down to my physical body and my bodies were using that to tell me that something in my being was amiss.  I was blown away.  Using BodyMaitre’s method, I communicated with all of my bodies in the 4-body system, identified all energies held with respect to the two issues and worked on clearing them.  After clearing the energies held in my 4-body system, the pain in my legs were gone and after making the appropriate attitudinal adjustments with respect to the two issues which I was procratinating about, they are now moving forward smoothly.  By now I was even more amazed.

I found that in the process of working with BodyMaitre, I achieved an understanding and awareness that our four bodies do really have their own awareness and consciousness and deserve to be treated like buddies or lovers.  After 40 plus years of neglect and ignoring my four bodies, I came to learn that loving myself is not all about physical pleasures and emotional pleasures of holidays, travels, retail therapy and spas.  It is more than that; a lot more.  It is also loving my physical body, my emotional body, my mental body and my spiritual body.  It is about treating my four bodies right by not holding negative and discordant energies in them.  Negative or discordant energies in our four bodies will cause imbalances in the four bodies and these imbalances will step down to the physical.  We will feel this imbalances as discomfort or dis-ease.  Another lesson that I learned is that when my 4-bodies are in sync and in agreement, things that I do go smoothly.  So, what does self-love mean?  I know I now have a different perspective of what Self-Love means and it not just about loving me, me and me.  It is about loving me and my four-bodies.