Do you want to be right, or do you want to be love?

Every Saturday evening, it’s a dinner date with a few of my close spiritual buddies.

During one of the gatherings, we were talking about a certain topic on spirituality. Each of us shared very different ideas and each of us were trying to argue that we were right in terms of what we believe in.

Each of us had a belief that we were right in our beliefs.  When we started to not want to let go of our belief that we are right, the energies within the group changed.  There was coldness and conflict.

I started feeling not right, the not-right-of-being kind of feeling. My mind stated churning out a series of thoughts.

– Is it wise to hold the belief of being right, or being wrong within?

– Would this have to be absolutely right or wrong?

– Is there an ultimate truth for being right?

Others people’s belief, is not necessarily my truth. On the same score, my own belief is not necessarily other people’s truth.

There is neither right nor wrong with regards to what we believe and how we perceive things and life.

However, there is a difference between beliefs and perceptions.  It lies in the results of the belief – whether it is limiting or constructive in nature.

If my belief , creates a negative, limiting or destructive result in term of actions, energy wise, then that will be inappropriate.

On the reverse, if the thought forms of the belief creates a constructive  result and action, then it will be positive.

Fighting about who is wrong  and who is right only serves to create energetically a moment of conflict. It will only cause harm in the relationship with your friends, family, clients, colleagues and lover.

So, whenever we are in an argument, fighting for who is right and who is wrong, stop for a moment, and check how you feel in your own bodies? What are the reactions of your mental, emotional and physical aspects of your soul?

Are you energetically positive or negative?

If it is negative, it means something is happening within your four bodies.  You could be suppressing “stuff” which will be waiting for you seek within to “detox” out.

Listed below is a list of common “stuff” that can cause relationship challenges within your bodies.

Mental Body – Subconscious Mind Psychology Programming

  1. Holding Grudge Programming
  2. Conflict Programming
  3. Lack of Integration of Inner Child Programming
  4. Negative Ego Duality Programming
  5. Lacking in Tact Programming
  6. Self Righteousness Programming


Emotional Body – Fear Based Emotion

  1. Feeing Misjudged
  2. Feeling Stressed
  3. Feeling Hassled
  4. Feeling Disgraced
  5. Feeling Incensed


When you are in the moment of communicating and discussing with your loved one, and you are holding a concept that you are right, he is wrong, step aside for a while, feel your own bodies, and ask yourself if you have any of “stuff” listed above?

If the answer is yes, it means it is time for you to do a four-body energy detox, because, deep down you know that your soul does not belong to fear.