Return to our True Nature

“To see and understand to the true nature of things”, are the very words my master/mentor Ven Ji Xing taught me some 14 years ago when I first met him.

Today as I look into a book that was given to me by my Godmother last year for my birthday, The 37 Principles of Enlightenment by Master Cheng Yen of Tzu Chi – I took the book and ask the universe – what do you like to teach me today and I open to this page:

Return to our true nature

“Wise believers can deeply experience the spirit of Buddhism. Superstitious believers distort the true meaning of religion. They are deluded by trivial religious side issues. They create countless worries. Thus, non-belief is better than superstition. You must believe with wisdom.

This reminds me of the wise word of Buddha, “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I [Buddha] have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your common sense.


In this age of information, many of us tend to be confuse, ‘overloaded’ – even simple health question like – what makes our body alkaline? Should we take vitamins in capsule form? Should we breast feed? Is it good to have three meals a day? – There are pro and cons to everything, facts and myths all in one.


When a friend told me a few weeks ago that my mission and purpose is still a path of religion I resisted the whole idea in the beginning. Religion? Me? Really? I could not bring myself to accept that – seeing the delusion of trivial religious issue created by mankind – simple questions of – Can do and cannot do? Can eat and cannot eat?

So many people follow their faith blindly, lost in delusion – with their heart full of fear; they rely only on their faith but do not care how they behave. How many are seen people in temples scolding their parents or shouting at their children for not doing things ‘right’? How many drive to church on Sunday with the devotion in the heart rather than cursing the other road users with their rage? How many pray on Friday at mosque with proper parking and not triple park the road and create a traffic jam and inconvenience others because is prayer time?

Some feels that they are wiser, superior and far more cultivated than others because of their faith – is this religion? Is there truly a more superior religion than the other? One would really think if Buddha, Jesus, Shiva and Muhammad are to be in the same room will they be fighting of who is greater or more powerful than the other?

I like this story that Master Cheng Yen shared in her book, a young woman came to the Abode after talking to Master Cheng Yen said again and again “Thank you very much, Master, thank you for your guidance”. This young woman had been trying to decide for the last 8 years whether to be a nun or a layperson. She had wanted to be a nun, but was disappointed by the many things that she sees within religion. However, she felt if she did not become a nun, she would be unfulfilled, because it is a rare opportunity to be near to the dharma and follow on Buddha’s footsteps.

She was confused and did not know what to do, but now that she heard from the Master, she says, “Master, thank you very much. I have listened to your lectures for the past two days, and now my worries are all gone. I now realize what real Buddhism is. I know how to give up things and know what path I should follow. I feel so calm and happy”

That was wisdom. That was joy. She understood the true nature of things does not matter with the fact if she is a nun and a layperson, because that could be delusion, the truth lies within her. She was able to wipe out the confusion and realized her true path – and that is true dharma, the ability to get rid of the delusion and worrisome mind. The simplicity of life – free of confusion. The clarity of thoughts – free of distortion. The peace of heart – free of suffering.

That goes the same if you are spiritual or not, religious or not, believer or not – just stop chasing the wind – the delusion instead face reality – yes return to our Buddha, Christ, Krishna – nature but NOT TO ABANDON OUR HUMAN NATURE, our original true human nature which is LOVE.

Also stop running away, stop hiding, stop escaping life and stop doing things in the name of Buddha, Kuan Yin, Jesus, Muhammad or Shiva because of fear – they don’t need it. It is us who needs it. Stop pursuing the wind, chasing the shadow. Go into your heart center, do something for yourself, stop focusing on the outside but the inside – then and maybe then we can understand the true nature of things.