Reason why a person like to bad-mouthing other and how you can transform the negative judgement into Observation.

Year of the Snake is at the corner.

Snake, many people hate it or afraid of it. Simply because it doesn’t look nice and adorable.

But do you know snake have the greatest strength I thought I could learn from them?

Snake is not like other animals and human, they don’t have hands and legs. If they have to reach from one point to another, or seek their foods, they have to crawl with their body.

They are strong and flexible, they crawl with persistence and patient to achieve their goal. Although lacking of hands and legs, they have develop the strength no other animal can do.

Of course, they are opportunity seeker too.

This is the year of snake, have you ready to transform your life like a snake, shedding the skin for the new body, new look, and life with persistence and patient?

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward of my new transformation this year for greater health, wealth and love.

In the previous article I wrote about people like to judge, negative attack, gossip of others experiences that based on what they know best in mind.

This article we will be using BodyMaitre system to dowse for the common reason why people have the nature desire to negatively judge and attack other people experience and seems like they thought that doing the right thing.

Everyone carry different lens based on what they choose to believe. What you believe may not the same as what other people believe on.

This is the fundamental and basic knowledge for those consciously chose to venture into the spiritual path.

You may heard and read a lot related to this topic and materials, but why there are still so many people doing it by judging other people experiences with negative intent?

I still remember when I first explore spirituality 10 years ago. The first topic I get deeper understanding is called Judgmental and Observation.

Judgmental means holding negative thought forms and emotion towards other people experiences with fear and desire to attack.

Observation means you process the experiences with neutral intention without the essence of negativity.

For example,

– Snake is ugly, dangerous and with the nature desire to attack people. (This is judgement with negative understanding, because the subconscious mind being input snake is bad through your past experiences)

– Snake have the nature abilities for self-protection when in the danger. (Observation)


After dowse with BodyMaitre charts, here’s a common reason why people need to judge their friends, family and loved one with the negative attack intention.

Demanding and distrusting in relationship.

We always expect our friends, family members, loved one to act, behave according to what we want. From a mother to child relationship, friends between friends, relationship between colleagues, No matter it is family circle, friends circle or work circle.

Most of the time we demand something to be happen as the way we wanted to be happen. If things doesn’t work out as what we wanted, Distrusting between the relationships start to happen.

When other people unable to give you what you wanted, you start distrusting the relationship, And judgement begin.


A mother demanding her child to study every day to score A in the exam, if the child doesn’t study every day, she lost her trust toward her child in the relationship and distrusting her child for not able to do well in the exam. The mother may start judging her child with negativity. As the mother have the belief of her child will not do well in the exam if he is unable to study everyday.

Husband demanding his wife to clean up the house every day, the wife unable to keep up the household works due to need to take care of the children’s and her job. Husband start distrusting the wife is not a good wife. He start complaining and judging his wife are lazy with his friends circle.

A team leader demanding more job responsibility for the team members, team members believe that unable to deliver what the leader wanted due to heavy workload and personal reasons, the leader start judging team member capability with negativity by reporting to his boss.

A person demanding for lending money from his friend. The friend rejected him due to personal reason, he start judging his friend for being stingy and bad-mouthing  toward the common friends circle . Because in his mind he believe that he is bad, inconsiderate and stingy.


Is any scenario similar to you? Or is the demanding and distrusting pattern happening to your life? if you or your loved one are having tendency to gossip, black-stabbing, judging your friends, family members and loved one with negative intention, try to think, are you or your loved one losing trust to each others with whatever reason and beliefs in the mind?

If yes, it’s time to clear off those set of programming and beliefs, because those “stuff” inside the four-body system will not do good in relationship in the long run once you believe that you have loose trust toward them.

Believe by trusting yourself and others is a first step of creating harmony and loving relationship with the people round you.

if you need someone to co-operate with you to fulfill your need. change demanding to requesting. (ask nicely lah! 🙂 )

For those who have learned the BodyMaitre system, check if you have the tendency above, if yes clear it and the associated energies, mind-set and beliefs in your four-body system, and transform it to “Requesting and Trusting in relationship” Consciousness.

You may use the YL oil energy blend BELIEVE and rub a 3 drops over your solar plexus chakra (the seat of emotions), three times a day to enhance the trust vibration in your relationship.

If your beliefs doesn’t workout to the result as you have expected, always maintain the trusted feeling and believe that everything have their own reasons and it will just work out fine! then your mind will not have the reason to start judging and blaming others.