Question & Answer – When one mentioned that there are 4 bodies and when you try to communicate with your 4 bodies, who are you at that moment ?

A friend who have wrote in question about 4 bodies system, thought it is interesting to share it here.

[message_box title=”” color=”red”]A question to ask : When one mentioned that there are 4 bodies and when you try to communicate with your 4 bodies, who are you at that moment ? Since you are also trying to connect to the Higher Self (superconcious) and not using the concious mind for messages from the 4 bodies? I think you mentioned its the personality, would that be the same as I AM consciousness ?[/message_box]

My Answer:

We have 5 major bodies, which is Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and the Personality Body when a soul choose to experience life on earth.

The Personality body is the representative of the other 4 bodies.

If the 4 bodies are imbalances, or causing lot of harm or abuse, it will reflected in the personality body, and causing lot of challenges and issues in our external life. Such as relationship, money, career challenges.

In order to have a harmony life, or success career, money etc. The personality body must be able to have awareness to look into the 4 bodies. Which we called self love. or at least communicate them.

Unfortunately most of the people mis-understand the meaning of self-love and only able to provide the needs to the personality body, and neglected the rest of the bodies needs.

When the personality body connect to the higher self, which also refer as super-conscious mind, as part of the mental body, it help us to gain wisdom and love to run our life. But, what if the sub-conscious mind, the information store house full of destructive and limiting programming, it will definitely sabotaging the connection and interaction process between the conscious, subconscious and Superconscious minds.  In this case, no matter how spiritual or psychic the person is.

That why we can see many lightworkers who are in the spiritual / new age circle suffering challenges or lessons manifested within the 4 bodies, when they only focusing on spiritual body.

If we wanted to learn how to communicate with higher self, or wisdom self, for the purpose of guidance, we must know how to examine what is blocking the connection within the 4 bodies,  which can be quite a number of blocks within. such as, fear, injustice, worry, doubt programming. if we wanted to put into human languages, they can be categories more than 400 over types of subconscious programming which is listed in the MindMetta Module pendulum charts (心智灵示图).

From the 400 over types of programming, it will manifested into infinite combinations of life lessons on earth.

I AM consciousness refer to one of the consciousness level, there are infinite level of wisdom or consciousness out there, in order to achieve I AM level, the basic requirement is cultivation of love and mastery the lessons manifested within the  4 bodies system.

It is impossible for a human to reach the I AM level or Ascended Master level if just focusing awareness and love to the personality body, if without cultivation on the rest of 4 bodies.