Psychic Attacks – Part 2

Continuing on psychic attacks, let’s take a look at curses.

We are driving happily along the road.  Suddenly, a car veers into our lane barely missing collecting our fender.  What would we do?  Chances are we react.  Not only do we blast our horn, we would in all likelihood let go an expletive worthy of a “bleep” on national television.  And to top that off nicely, curse the driver.  We have just psychically attacked the driver of the other vehicle.

A seemingly common daily occurrence like that is a psychic attack.  We would have sent the driver either psychic needles, psychic darts or psychic bullets, depending on the intensity of our energies when we let go our expletive.  Plus the curse is also a psychic attack.  The energy of the curse would be lodged in the other driver’s energy bodies.  We all attack other people psychically everyday (and get attacked too) and chances are we don’t even know we are doing that.  Likewise, we are also constantly subject to psychic attacks and chances are those sending us psychic attacks are not even aware they are attacking us psychically.  Therefore, it is important for us to be aware of our thoughts and be very vigilant of our thoughts, so that we think first before sending out negative thoughts which would become a psychic attack on others.

Did you also know that we can attack ourselves psychically?  We are doing something and did it the long way instead of the shorter method.  When we realise that, chances are we will chide ourselves “Stupid me!  Why didn’t I think of that?”  That, in itself, is a psychic attack on ourselves.  The energies will be lodged in our energy bodies as psychic needles, darts or bullets and even curses.  Yes, we can attack ourselves psychically and yes, we indeed have to be careful with our thoughts.