what are my physical or metaphysical causes Infertility?

I am not being able to become pregnant after three years of trying. I also miscarriage once. May I know what my physical or metaphysical causes of these? Thank you.

Female, Age 34, Malaysia


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Here’s the primary energy holding in your bodies that may contributed to your health challenges. These energy manifested from your past and current life experiences.


Spiritual Body

There are Psychic Wounds at your lower body. And also other people Soul Fragments Energy in your body. It cleared and sealed.


Mental Body

There are two subconscious programming may cause you to think and behave in certain way.

Burning Candles at both ends programming – this programme may cause you trying to solve everything yourself con-currently, you may feel energy depleted and everything may not work according as what you wish for. Imagine if you are burning two sided of candle, what will happen at the end?

Emotional Roller Coaster programming – this programme may cause you to moody, you suddenly feel happy and sad.


Emotional Body

There are three primary energy in your emotional body, the feeling of On-Edge, Disgraced and Forlorn.


Physical Body

In your reproductive system especially the Uterus area, there’s one energy holding there. Energy of “Can’t cope because of fear”. It is mainly coming from the challenges of Money, Family and Love Relationship. You may experiencing in the past or current that you have challenges to cope with the fear in the area of money, family relationship and love partner relationship.

Physical Level – Body Acidic, Toxins in Blood. recommended to change diet habit and go for oils and supplements detox programme.


Past/Current Four-Body Mapping that contributed to your issue.

THINK with everything is not work accordingly as what I wanted > FEEL with on-edge, disgraced and forlon > ACT with unable to cope with Fear.


Here’s the suggested four-body MAPPING and TRANSFORMATION. You can try meditating on it and see what if your four-body in that state of being and consciousness.


THINK with everything is going to be Okay > FEEL with freedom, grace and hope > ACT with enjoying life experiences with self-love, self-responsibility and earthly wisdom.


Use BodyMaitre Techniques acquired during the BodyMaitre Class to transform body consciousness and/or follow the daily action Plan below until you feel that you have those positive quality in your four-body system. Twice daily.





Spiritual Body

Apply: White Angelica Blends sweep around your lower chakra and breathe in, continuously for 30 seconds while affirming below.

Affirm verbally: My energy body are fill up with white light and life force energy, I am open up to receive guidance from the creator. My energy body are start receiving healing and blessing from platinum angels.


Mental Body

Apply: Clary Sage over your eyebrow point, Use index and middle fingers to tap the head and eyebrow points continuously for 30 seconds while affirming below.

Affirm verbally: Everything is working fine, I am safe, I am open up to receive support and guidance from the universe. I am the creator of life experience, I love my body. The most important person in my life is myself.


Emotional Body

Apply: Innerchild Blends over your Collarbone point, Use index and middle fingers to tap the collarbone points continuously for 30 seconds while affirming below.

Affirm verbally: I have wonderful and loving feminine energy within my body, I am free to express love and joy in my life, I am perfectly practicing a role as women and mother with grace. I honour hope in my life. I love my inner-child, I love and adore myself.


Physical Body

Apply: Sclaressence Blends over your Sacral point, Use index and middle fingers to tap the sacral points continuously for 30 seconds while affirming below.

Affirm verbally: I choose to love myself first, I always set proper and healthy boundary with my loved one, family members and friends. I can handle and life experiences with ease and self-responsibility. When I know how to love myself, I know how to love others.


In summary, these reading and advice give you a bird-eye view of your condition of your four-body in the metaphysical way.  In order for you to see clearly of your own life direction and purpose, it is rather important to “prepare” your four-body in that positive state first. Ideal minimum 21 days non stop. Then the universe will able to bring you clarity into your spirits, mind, heart and body.

For most cases, why things can come and go easily, it is simply our bodies is not “prepare enough” to receive and give. Many of us trying to do or change the external causes, but the most important to change first is the inner self first, what is the relationship with the Source (Spiritual body), what we think consciously and unconsciously (mental body), the way we feel negative or positive (emotional body) and decision that we made (Physical body). While we are able to get ready for our four-body consistently, things will start to flow naturally.

So get ready to hold steadily and persistently with the right energy in your four-body first is the key here.


30 Seconds Breathing Technique


Place 2-3 drops of the recommended oils at both of your palms, rub it, then cup your nose and start breathing in slowly for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds, then breathe out for 5 seconds. Repeat this process for at least 30 seconds. Imagine the positive energy going around your inner and outer body.

While you are doing the 30 seconds breathing exercise, continue and repeat verbally affirming the recommended affirmation with the stated mind-set and feeling.

Use your mother tongue to affirm.


Young Living Oils

Young Living Essential Oils is one of brand the highest and purest frequency I have ever been tested to hold positive energy in the body. When you affirming what you want with the oils with breathing technique plus tapping the energy points, the effect is much greater when it come to manifestation.

Note: Suggestion to you in this reading are based on the best oils frequency that match your current energy condition. It is not meant to replace any physical health medical advice.


What will I experiencing?

If you follow the 21 process diligently, You may experiencing healing crisis like the deep seated negativity surface out. Fear not just continue the 21 days process and you should be able to clear off the negativity and infuse your four-body with positive frequency to attract and manifest your goal

For those want to receive a free four-body intuitive distant reading of your four-body, please fill up the form here.

With Love and Abundance,