What are the physical & metaphysical causes of my HIVES conditions?

What are physical & metaphysical causes of my HIVES conditions?

Female, Malaysia


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Here’s the BodyMaitre research of your four-body system, these may directly or indirectly causing the Hives issue.


Spiritual Body

Your spiritual body are holding other people energy (Soul Fragment) . It is cleared now.



Use Lemon oils to sweep your aura and intend to purify your auric field, drink at least 40 drops of lemon every day with at least 4 litre of water.


Mental Body

Hurt Programming – there are thought forms of being hurt in the past, still holding subconsciously. Cleared and you may transform it to “everything is fine” programming and mind-set.



Three Wise Men Blends, apply over the third-eye and back of the head, and affirm verbally: I am believing everything is a form of life lesson and everything is fine to me and people that connected to me. I am guided by higher self and Creator.


Emotional Body

There are energy of Discouragement in the emotional dimension. Cleared.



Apply Sacred Mountain Blends over the heart and solar plexus. And affirm verbally: I can feel encouragement easily and effortlessly, I am encourage myself to enjoy life in this beautiful world.


Physical  Body

There are energy storing at the Lymphatic (Lymph Nodes) & Integumentary System (Hair and Skin). Particularly related to “Fear of Letting Go”. It was energetically cleared now.


Apply and massage SclarEssence Blends with V6 Massage Oils to lymph nodes. While massaging, affirm verbally: I am fully let go of self and others past mistakes, I am fully letting go the past and embracing the now and future with ease. I’m welcoming the abundance life in me now. I love my lymphatic and integumentary system. I bring peace to every area of my life.


For Integumentary system, apply Eucalyptus Radiata, Melaleuca Tea Tree Oils (M. alternifolia) or Peace & Calming to the Hives area. 2-3 times daily. You may use it neat or dilute with V6 Oils. If use neat you can apply Rose Ointment after oils application.


Note: Suggestion to you in this reading are based on the Young Living best oils frequency that match your current energy condition. It is not meant to replace any physical health medical advice.